Future Trails SCAM : The biggest Short Term HYIP of 2011 ?

March 7th warning !!Future Trails is a SCAM ! Don't Invest !

You didn’t know ? Future Trails stands for the most popular and lucrative  short-term HYIP available right now in early 2011. Now, would you still make easy money as a new investor or you’ll lose it all in a  Future Trail SCAM ? Today, if you read the following article , not only will you get important insides on how the online HYIP market works since 2006, but you will also better understand when the popular Future Trails could Scam down with problems. First, let’s clarify this :

An active investor naming himself ‘’ MakingMoneyAgain ‘’,  recently shared a relevant thought on the HYIP chat on your right, differentiating a  ‘’ HYIP SCAM ‘’ from a ‘’ closed HYIP ‘’ and I quote :

‘’ Notice I say closes and not scams, all hyips will close someday, I treat them like a scam from day one ‘’

You do what you want however , MMA has the correct attitude to make money online as an successful HYIP investor. Of course, you  have to learn how to build a profitable HYIP portfolio,  the right behaviors to adopt, etc, but you won’t be successful over a long period of time if you believe every words written on the website of your favourite HYIP. It can happen that you’ve been a lucky fool like me with your first HYIPs but luckill stop holding your hand sooner or later.  Back to our sheep, let’s take a look at FutureTrails.com and what could make it scam, close or go down with problems ; or will it ?

You’re calling a Future Trails SCAM ?

( click here to visit Future Trails before reading on )

Popularity = big $$$ for the administration of any HYIP; the more people you can interest with your investment offer, the more investors you will have and the more money you will have under your control. This is an important aspect of the underground HYIP business online : it comes a time the administration behind a HYIP judge timing is perfect to close and shut-down the website. Take some time and think about what you just read ; it’s worth it. I’ll now explain  this crucial concept  to you, always using the example of the well-known FutureTrails.com and the graph below representin the popularity curve of Future Trails as a function of time since it launched in the end of 2009 ( click on the picture to enlarge it ).

If you’re not new to HYIPs, you already know the big majority are only quick scams, especially short-term projects like Future Trails. Today , you’ll tell me that Future Trails could be a real investment business ; who can generate more than 2,5% return on investment without truly making money with the investors’ funds ? Future Trails ? I’ll stay skeptic on that one but even so, I can’t deny how profitable Future Trails could be for early investors so far!!! Imagine :

Say you invested 1000$ in February 2010 and re-invested your money since then, cashing your daily profit every week ( 0% compounding ). As we speak, you would be  6,500$ richer + your initial 1000$ back in your pocket,  if you decided to quit Future Trails.

Now apparently, Future Trails is still delivering the money after more than 13 months and that’s simply AMAZING. Note that  some of my subscribers already contacted me to report a warning about selective payout while others reported being paid ; I need more people to confirm such selective payout statement. In fact, I already contacted Future Trails administration and I received a prompt reply concerning my subscribers’ issues, which were solved. While it often happens that a HYIP do not pay selected big investors in order to keep paying the big crowd of small investors ( classic strategy ), I don’t consider that  Future Trails  switched to selective payouts. Thanks for your scam or paying reports using the chat or directly the comment section at the end of this article.

To continue, when you ook at what Future Trails offers, you can understand why it experienced such an unbelievable and sustained reach among HYIP investors throught the world. Its administration have to conduct a structured scheme nd need to show a good amount of discipline but what will really make you invest finds its source in the lucrativity and flexibility of the payout plans. Hey, let’s do a short-N-sweet review of Future Trails and see why their payout plans are so great :

Future Trails Review  :

  • Time-proven, Future Trails acquired a certain level of notoriety in the online HYIP market and so, investors feel more confident to put their money here.
  • Starting at 18,5 % daily for 6 days principal included, what can you ask more ; you have flexibility and extreme profitability !
  • Accepted payment methods : Alert Pay, Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Wire Transfer …
  • Some good and bad press, especially from hyip.com ? Well it already happened in the past from hyip.com anyway…that’s another story.
  • Overall quality of the HYIP offer can’t be rejected, with all the security featured , professional presentation and originality.

Being a HYIP investor has always brought  thrilling business for me and now that I manage this great blog , I can enjoy discussing with you live on the chat-box or via e-mail about your own business. In fact,    I’m receiving e-mails from people who want to know if  they should  invest or re-invest in Future Trails … No, you shouldn’t invest in Future Trails by expecting it to last untill next year and yes you could, because we might not scream for a big Future Trails Scam before you clear a profit this month. Personally, I  find that Future Trails fits in my active HYIP portfolio since I could use a second short-term oriented program to improve my diversification.As usual, time will tell if this was a good move but I’m evaluating that chances are good for me to earn an easy buck in the following weeks from this new investment.

No Future Trails Scam before March ; invest at our own risk !

Stay tuned for more, my next article will be about Macro Trade or about my performances as a HYIP investor since the beginning of 2011. By the way,  we are now 667  subscribers to the privatehyipblog.com; you should join our community for free and get a precious experience with all of us  !


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20 Responses to “Future Trails SCAM : The biggest Short Term HYIP of 2011 ?”

  1. zeraeign says:

    I started investing around November last year so I wasn’t aware about this one. If only I invested during November, I would have made profit. I don’t know what’s your side about investing or not investing in this one, but I will take the latter because popularity is really not a good thing for an HYIP site.

    That aside, did this site received the same popularity as the recently-scam ForexCompanyOnline?

  2. Swede says:

    I trust you have the integrity not to delete this. The following link should be consulted before making a decision to invest in FutureTrails.com: http://www.allhyipmonitors.com/details/futuretrails.com
    I would not invest there. Although there are many scam monitors, there are too many giving Futuretrails a bad rating. I’ve never seen that with a large, successful paying program. In cases like this, I have found many negative user comments with the monitors that give a selective paying program paying status.

    There are other short term HYIPS with moderate ROI that are paying. They can be convenient places to keep your money working, in between long term investment decisions. My least success has been with mid term programs, perhaps due to market acceptance. Just to make things interesting, there is also the “perfect HYIP scam.” That is a program designed for high ratings and reviews, but doesn’t even complete one cycle.

    It’s been months since I was the victim of selective payments, since I screen programs for that now. The programs that pay everyone often have a shorter life expectancy, though. Everything has its price.

  3. Aaron says:

    All my withdrawal requests have been paid with future trails

  4. anand says:

    all my withdrawals have been paid, as it is online for one year, now have to go with the idea of frank, as his prediction on forexcompanyonline came true. thank you.

  5. palok says:

    I invest $ 2700 on Dec. 2010. They paid all my withdrawal request. Sometimes they have some “delays “,but they always paid

  6. Takahiro Hiroi says:

    Also, they handle withdrawal request manually by a manger reviewing each, which worries me. Not only it takes 24 hours or longer (if it’s an weekend), but he could selectively decide whether the money should be released or not. I have $100+ invested in it, and will see if they are going to approve my withdrawal requests.

  7. Hi There,
    Have been with Future Trails for over 8 months now and have made great
    returns from initial invest of $100.00.
    Great response from Admin – no problems with withdrawals and re-invests – they are prompt and responsive at all times.
    Highly recommend this one.
    Many Thanks,

  8. anthyp says:

    Not for me this one. I think it’s too late. Pity not investing in it early, but maybe too dangerous now.

  9. gary says:

    i put 100 in Future trails and promptly received 111 at the end of 8 business days i kept my 11 and did 100 again and promptly received my 111 at end of 8 days so i am in for 3rd time due march 3for 111. I will publish new results but hey 33 on 100 in 3 weeks is a start happy so far

  10. Louie says:

    I had made some small investments with Future Trails and was paid quickly every time. But I recently made a large deposit to my account and now it appears that I am a victim of this selective payout because my withdrawal request has been pending since 2/23/11. I have attempted to contact the FT admin but have yet to get a reply from someone and the phone number that they have listed on the site rings and always goes to a voice mail and it doesn’t even sound like a business line more like someones personal cell phone. Should I give up and accept my losses? Is there anything else I can do?

  11. bigi says:

    to think i actuall read this blog befor foolishly investing in futuretrail makes me not to forgive myself.i invested $100 in futur trail and up till now my withdrawal request has not being looked into.

  12. bigi says:

    hoops!,i just got paid.

  13. Brian says:

    I think there is a future in the future trails model (honestly, no pun intended). The short-term, principle included model is attractive for either the investor that wants to compound their investment, or those that want the quick “in-profit” guarantee. I hope to see more hyips take on this approach. As for future Trails, I’ve never gone more than 36hour on a pending payment.

  14. Art says:

    1 week and withdrawals are still pending. :(

  15. FTBS says:

    My Withdrawal Request with Future Trails has been pending for about almost 2 weeks now. No response on my emails either. About to throw in the Towel with this one.

  16. magma200 says:

    Hello mights!

    I see you experience with FutureTrails and I can tell you all that this site will become a SCAM very soon. Now it’s selective payout (my waiting 3 weeks).
    Fortunately I earned a lot from referrals and when invested they have paid within 5-6 hrs!

    I can tell you that all HYIPs sooner or later will become a SCAMs.
    I lost over €3000 in HYIPs to learn this.

    In order to get real and trusted money I would referr you great program (marked as my site).

    If you want to know this reliable project you can write me and e-mail to adherent.pomoc@gmail.com

    I hope admin won’t remove my comment, because of e-mail.

    God bless you all!

    • Frank says:

      This is a place to share information Marek and to connect with other investors. I care to hope you’re not trying to convince anyone to invest, rather than letting them chose their own way.

      • magma2000 says:

        No might :)
        I’m not trying to say “invest” into this what I propose.
        I just told that this is site where you can simply earn money and you risk just $2 from LibertyReserve account so, this is nothing :)

        More About FutureTrails:
        Only God saved me to not invest there again, cos’ I wanted to invest, but there was AlertPay bug.

        I think you won’t receive your money unfortunately :(

  17. nureykaniz says:

    this is showkhin from bangladesh. Futuretrails pay me. but after 6 of march they stop payment still now.they did not release my payment yet.i think they start cheating with us.my $55 is still pending.

  18. INvestor says:

    its amazing, some people who i referred say they have been
    paid, while me along with a couple others have NOT been after
    a few weeks. I don’t know what their payout concept is but I
    wish they would get it together. luckily if i lose anything
    at this point, its only $10, but wow. what is the problem?

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