Macro Trade review : the important $$$ tips !

January Update : Macro Trade stopped paying !

Quick December 10th  Update: Check The Private HYIP Monitor because Macro Trade is apparently on selective payout mode, be warned!

Do you trust HYIPs ; or can you really? Today with this review article dedicated to Macro Trade the SuperStar , you will learn why only the best HYIPs can keep paying you for more than two years before going down as a scam. Macro Trade investor or not, you absolutely need to realise the importance of these critical concepts , which dictates the success of any online HYIP  :

Macro Trade Review

Two thumbs up if you diversified your capital with MacroTrade ; the last few months have proven that you made a profitable decision. Have you missed the boat when this long-term high yield venture launched, back in summer 2010 ? When I’m recommending you to take some notes for future references, I really mean it .

By analysing MacroTrade’s success with me today, you will definitively avoid more scams tomorrow :

  • Investment Plans versus Popularity growth :

Making money online has become a reality for many Macro Trade investors since they reached the profit zone already. On each business days ( that’s five days per week ), you would earn between 1,2% and 2,2% of your total investment. Of course, the more you risk the higher your daily profits and at the end of 180 trading days ( monday to friday ) , your initial capital will be  available for you to re-invest or to cash-out and enjoy.

Forget about the volatility of short-term HYIPs ; Macro Trade couldn’t scam any time soon after its launch mainly because the managers would have lost money in the adventure. Keep in mind that as long as MacroTrade will make money, you will make money. Take any business you like in the more official stock market , this motto will always be a reliable rule to follow.

In my opinion, if there is a HYIP-type of investment strong enough to lead the more underground online HYIP market in 2011,you should refer to Macro Trade .

No doubt that a healthy popularity growth leads to great performances, especially for long-term programs. Don’t hear me wrong : you would find little doubt in my mind about the fact that Macro Trade will eventually go down among non-paying scams ; they all did so far ! By telling yourself that the best HYIP investors around the globe live comfortably with this peculiar reality, you will reach your $$$ goals too.

Ask fellow subscribers in the comment section below , on the forum or on any popular communication network you’ll find with Google. Macro Trade investors are happy and this positive vibe accross the Web plays an important role. Long-Term offers are known to be less attractive or popular than shorter payout plans due to the fact that your money is frozen for a long period of time and the payouts are lower. Then, you have a company like Macro Trade that truly stands out of the crowd, appealing to a vast majority.  But why ?

  • Macro Trade key $$$ features :

Professionalism and complexity ( yes ! ) always gathered the most attention from the HYIP investors community and historically, those two key elements assured the most profitable runs. Even with the quickest visit, you felt profesionnalism. A clean design, unique throughout the network paired with excellent communication. What do I mean by complexity ?

With dozens of low-budget , poor standards and pre-mashed HYIPs coming up every week , greed is the only reason I find for you to make your money run unecessary risks. If you want to start behaving like a wise HYIP investor , you need to elevate your standards of selection to those offered by top-level options like Macro Trade. For instance, do not rush your cash out of your wallet. Instead, calmly wait for that SuperStar to come out in the sun.

When a HYIP invest in details, higher are your chances to make a profit . That’s precisely what Macro Trade does, thanks to an obvious and valuable experience.

  1. No AlertPay account problems  (International Bank Wire tranfers, Solid Trust Pay , LR and PM accepted )
  2. Uniquess
  3. A great FAQ
  4. Company infos
  5. Multiple languages
  6. Soon to come SMS feature
  7. Interesting referral system with reps

Ok, ok, I don’t like being too optimistic about any given HYIP.  Of course, it’s a risky move to make a new investment in may-juin 2011 with MacroTrade. When I put my 150$ into their hands last week ; I said to myself : ” Since gained such a notoriety and that many investors worldwide think the same, the administration has everything to win by raising the bar and truly become the stable and lasting opportunity we’re all looking for ” .

As any experienced investor, I’m prepared to stand a loss if it had to happen. So far so good though ! Simply remember how critical diversifying your assets is.

  • Conclusion :

180 business days means roughly 9 months . Since Macro Trade is doing business online since July 2010, the first investors are cashing pure profits since December 2010 while their plan expired last month. Were you among those who re-invested or you preffered getting out of MacroTrade ? I find interesting to check this poll I published back in March about the Macro Trade scam question.

Now you know I vote ” yes ”. Being a new investor in Macro Trade, I’m quite optimistic about a continuous success with them through 2011 . I’ll keep you updated on using your Private HYIP Monitor .

Next on, you’ll get a complete news report about my current HYIP selection and its money-making potential. It will also be my pleasure to publish an article dedicated to the best ( and worst ) HYIP monitoring avenues at the end of the week.

Keep in touch !

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51 Responses to “Macro Trade review : the important $$$ tips !”

  1. mario velasco says:

    Yes Fank, I agree with you, since I got and take my last withdrawal of my profit from Macro Trade, correct indeed and I hope that macro trade will be stand out among the HYIP’s best and stable.

    Keep intouch always

  2. Ah me i believe in fact that the time has come for macrotrade to scam and it is going to scam very soon. Macrotrade has stayed too long to continue paying investors. I believe that all the new investors might get 1.2 % for few days and as soon as someone will invest something consistent, macrotrade will run with all the money.

    And the company is not registered truly how they claim it to be… The bulding… The faq …. Comodo authentic secure trust… all their system looks the old reloaded.

    Macro trade gonna scam very soon trust me. Do not invest, unless you are ready to loose your money.

    • Frank says:

      Thanks for sharing your views guys. Like always , HYIPs are risky investments and as we speek, around 50% of investors consider now is a good timing to involve new money while the other 50% think it’s not a good idea.

      • AMARNATH says:

        Frank !
        Because of that rich and poor ,wise and fool ,ruler and ruled exist in the world ,who doesn’t want to take risk they will remain as no loser no gainer .

  3. AMARNATH says:

    Hello friends!
    macrotrade is the best one which I ever found in this earth.I invested only 100$ and compounded 100% ,matured last month and got $800+ .The system is fine ,any time you can touch with support.I invested again ,will invest more .Now they started 120 days term .So dont loose time or loose your chance to gain.

  4. David says:

    It is Aug 16th and I am unable to login to Macro Trade. Is anyone else having this problem?

  5. Maria says:

    Try to log in thru their secure login site:

  6. Yan says:

    I need a good, I want to invest some,Which one you suggest Safe Depositary or Macro Trade? pls kindly be advised. tyvm

    • ken says:

      I invested $3000 the week before Thanksgiving and so far I have pocketed about $34,000 and my account is making about $1000 bucks a day right now. It’s been great for me but we will see how much longer it last. I am truly greatful for the investment and it may last for ever but I don’t know how they can sustain paying the reutrns that they are. I have lost so much money on other risky investments so it’s about time I am on the winning side of one. Don’t risk it if you cant afford to lose it because it could go up in smoke tomorrow.

  7. javadhimz says:

    Macro Trade listing as the best HYIP on My Blog in this september btw.

  8. vumile says:

    macro trade has stopped withdrawals for investments that were initially 12000$ and more. has anyone had the same problems, they say we can withdraw after 12th of november

    • Don Dietze says:

      I asked for a $13,000 withdrawal on Oct.10,2011,after my 180 BD on Oct.8,2011. They claim you get your withdrawal in 24 hours. The money was supposed to be put into my STP account. I have sent 5 or 6 messages to MT and as of 10-17-2011,they have not replied or sent the money!

      • MCinvestor says:

        Yes, I’m having the same problem. So, you think $12K was the cutoff point? Crap, I just rolled over that mark this week. And I didn’t get my wire transfer as I usually would. I also didn’t get the notice from Dave Jones. Well, I guess I can wait a month. I sure hope they don’t have any problems honoring that. Keep the faith, guys, they have been really consistent in every other way so far. I’d like to believe that they are trying to pull it out, with investments. I’ve had tougher months in futures trading. Please, somebody post back if they do get their withdrawals this week, 10/20/2011, and possibly help us understand if it is 12K principal limit for real…

    • Ami says:

      Hi there! Macrotrade is a SCAM!
      Do not put your money into Macrotrade!
      Only the first and second time to pay, then just untouchable!

  9. MCinvestor says:

    You know, if they are asking for time extension before withdrawals, that would tell me they are running on thinner cash trade collateral, meaning they got eaten up with some losses, and need to maintain cash leveraging. That would make sense to me, let’s hope that is what they are truly requiring the extra time for…

  10. Musa says:

    I requested $2.46 on 11/07/2011 and have not been paid yet (11/08/2011), I think they are scaming.

  11. Tremayne says:

    I added referrals and was able to withdraw about $120 so far from MacroTrade. I’m hoping I can get my next payout in January. Will keep you posted

  12. Daniel says:

    I have not been paid by for over a week now they owe me over 4000 dollars i dont think i will ever get this money from them does anyone else have this problem.


  13. Zino says:

    I am yet to receive any withdrawal since I started with macro trade. It’s 17 business day today, I have made 3 withdrawals from then till now, and nothing. But my referral receives his from both bank wire and Liberty reserve. I think some thing is wrong with their bank wire platform since, and I also noticed that those who have this issues are those who invested in October. The painful part is that live chat will tell you they r working on it, send email to support, but they don’t reply” yet dey send me monthly statement through same email.;

    • Ami says:

      Only the first and second time to pay, then just untouchable!
      MACROTRADE IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Inform everyone:

      Look for it, write down that cut across all!!

  14. Zino says:

    Macro trade has started scaming…..

  15. mark says:

    i still wait my pending withdrawal..i hope they will pay my money

  16. Keith says:

    I have been in macro trade since sept. I put in 5000 and my account says I have 32000 as of today. I havent taken any money out yet because I locked in for 180 days.

    They say they are insured for 1,000,000 per investor. Is there any truth to that?

  17. Danotsonfo says:

    Well during the last week in December, I ordered to $3 withdrawal and it was made into my LR acct. Within 3 to 4days. I guess maybe we should get a LR acct and withdraw money in small bits and not in large amts. Thanks for ur posts @everybody. Happy New Year

  18. Danotsonfo says:

    Please, do any one knows about ? I want to know how well to trust them. Thanks

  19. Rajgopal says:

    Macro Trade is a SCAM. They have not paid me my money. I have 1400 USD with them and they have not paid me yet.

  20. roseline says:

    my withdrawals since december 17th have been pending, i cancelled and re-withdrawn still the same. the ones that show completed was not found in my LR account.
    do anyone knows the cause?

  21. Annah says:

    anybody been paid lately

  22. Risky says:

    This is scum! Don’t believe 29 dollar pay believe thousand pay. This is bullshitt. Hope this operation will end! This is never end until there is stupid still looking big profit. Trust me this is a scum. : (

  23. Big guy says:

    Scummmmmmmm! ShitM I leave all of this to god. Hope you and your familly will not suffer what you did!. Scum bag

  24. Macro says:

    Scauuuuuuuum! If you are stupid go macro trade. Scum bag!

  25. gladys lebea says:

    what o u think of macro trade now,are they paying out now,what is going on at the moment,can someone start investing now,do they have representives in south Africa

  26. gladys lebea says:

    is there someone who is happy about macro trade now,lets share information please

  27. bk says:

    SOB. Macro Trade just tanked today. Website is down.

  28. concerned says:

    the macrotrade website is no longer working.
    what do we do now guys? If you have a solution, please let us know.
    We cant afford to loose millions just like that and do nothing about it !

  29. pmmm says:


  30. Falcon says:

    This is a scam, we should learn not to trust these offshore investors. These so called agents must pay back atleast half of what you invested because they make so much promises as if they are also sure. Now you call them, they dont even answer your phone.

  31. akani says:

    gents i dont think we will ever get our monies , lets forget and put everything in God hands

  32. nomsa says:

    i cant believe this has happened to me i have learned the hard way

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