Uinvest Review while HYIPs Scam you Down

Update : I bought a new 338$ Bake House share, a project that launched today September 20th

Will Uinvest be nominated the best online investment idea to break through 2012 ? While your HYIPs scammed you down , Uinvest not only kept delivering the money, it rocked with genuine innovations, setting itself apart of the HYIP market . This review will show you how Uinvest evolved during the last year, exposing the major consequences for your wallet and probably, for the whole HYIP investors’ world :

Before you read on and even if you don’t have money for Uinvest,  you should at least take 5 minutes to visit the whole website and check out the forum for recent announcements. Why? Because these five little minutes will teach you how to save you from losing cash in the future, I’m not kidding!

( Click here to have a look )

So you took the time ? Excellent :  from now on, you’ll  know how to  differentiate the best online investment offers from the worst, with Uinvest as a reference for quality.

By the way, I might  sound like I’m cheer-leading  for Uinvest. Well, be it ! You will simply not find a more transparent, more user-friendly, more innovative and more sustainable, passive way to make your money work for you online. As of September 2011,  it’s been one full year  since Uinvest first appeared as a player in the online HYIP market. Tell me though ; how can you seriously compare the array of features at Uinvest with any of your HYIPs ? You don’t like their low returns on investment ( ROI ) and their monthly terms ? Ok…

Did you know you can get your money out of Uinvest anytime by selling your shares to a fellow investor  ? Having used this unique option , not only it gives my money more freedom, it provides all Uinvestors to sell for a higher price if the share gets more in demand, thus clearing a clean-cut profit.

Talking about various ways to earn money , the administration announced, a couple days ago, that starting today,  your available balance will become actively backed by gold bullion. That means this money you can withdraw anytime will fluctuate  with the spot price of one once of gold. If you know an easier way to invest your money in Gold, tell me because I don’t know any other! Especially when it comes to withdraw your money + profits ( or losses ) back. On the other hand, I think it would be even better to have the choice to link or not our money with the fluctuations of the precious metal in the international markets.

About the account funding options , which HYIP can beat Uinvest ? They accept PayPal, AlertPay, LibertyReserve, Credit Card, checks and Wire Transfers. If you think that you need to freeze your money for months before clearing a profit, think again! Like I said, just sell your shares, even before your first monthly profit, to receive the money directly into your banking account. You like freedom, right ? But you like high profits too!

For that, congratulations  if you can deal with Greed easily ; most people lose their money in HYIPs because of it. You need to be very careful with the income you’re promised in exchange of investing your hard earned cash. In the end, the most attractive and profitable offers will often frustrate you more than anything. Of course, you’re the boss and you’ll continue to select only short-term, high promises HYIPs  as you wish. You know, Uinvest has the potential to last for years… it can’t be classified with your classic HYIPs, even the current board leaders. You heard me right :

The number one reason why I’m putting 300$  more today in Uinvest lies in the fact that it shows such a brilliant future that it will keep on attracting more and more private HYIP investors, even the most skeptic! Nothing compared to the most notorious HYIP ; Uinvest keep writing history with never-seen projects ;  it couldn’t stop just like that. None invest  more time and energy than the team behind Uinvest .

Don’t hear me wrong though, because I’m aware of the risk my money runs and I stay skeptical about every aspects of their business. By the way if you live in California,  could you go and have a few words with them at their office?  I would pay you for this exclusive info just like  so many privatehyipblog.com members who want more hands-on proofs concerning their establishement in Beverly Hills and all the papers, like the paper share certificates.

You know what is funny though ? We would never be so much curious about the business of a simple HYIP . That’s why Uinvest stands out of the crowd so much ! Its administration works hard to be as much transparent as they can about their activities. I like that a lot and for instance, Dave Darrel told me he would be glad to arrange a meeting with me in Cali. This could be you , certifying these are not only words!

Quite hard to close this article so let’s fire-up the discussion . Ask all your questions to a Uinvest representative right here in the comment section below. Getting in touch with actual Uinvestors could become a precious experience for you! Here are some questions already answered here by Dave Darrel ( Uinvest ) : http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2011/03/19/ask-your-questions-to-uinvest/

Next article will answer why a HYIP could pay you for 6 months while a similar one could scam you down within days after it started.

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19 Responses to “Uinvest Review while HYIPs Scam you Down”

  1. yeah, i’m going to agree with you frank. as we know, long term investment is only the real investment. i dont believe Uinvest is playing with our money if someone says like thats. nice reveiew as always, frank

  2. Mark says:

    Did anyone ever go and stand onsite, as discussed a few months back, to prove that they were actually on a biz as outlined by the admin ???

    I think that this is the opportunity that I have been searching for (and been scammed and scammed) over the last four/five years.

    Frank, I’m with you on this. I don’t classify it as HYIP.

    Now intend to become a very active investor.

  3. Dave says:

    I wouldnt invest anything with a company who used paypal, just ask club asteria, they froze their account and nearly died, still frozen now I believe, they cant get their money, no payouts, affiliates left in droves and paypal appear to a law amongst themselves and cannot be reasoned with, I call that theft.

  4. someone says:

    Wow Frank very nice article thanks :)

  5. Eddy says:

    I am an active investor in Uinvest, but I am not planning on putting any more money until they prove us they are legit. Sure, they send us photos of an office that could be very well anywhere in the world, rented for one day, or form a friend. Also, up till today I have not yet been able to pinpoint the real location of any of the businesses we invest in. For example, the shopping mall is a pretty big building, how come there is not mention of it anyhwere in the world, except at Uinvest pages. I dare any of the diehard followers to pinpoint it in Google Places. That, and any of the other businesses. How come none of the businesses have a website?

    Again, I do not want to put anyone down (I am the first one that has a small investment with them), but to invest more, I need more proof, and that is not coming…

  6. WassiMania says:

    Dear Frank,

    Great Work!

    And thank you for this Unique blog.

    I am really looking forward to read your next article: “why a HYIP could pay you for 6 months while a similar one could scam you down within days after it started”.

    *Wink* Nano

    All the Best.

  7. Vicente says:

    for some time ui accepted Paypal but now they don´t.
    still waiting for this option to charge my ui account…
    thanks for this review.

  8. dave darrell says:

    Thank you for the great article Frank.

    Vincent and everyone who need to fund accounts with paypal – please create a ticket, we add paypal to those who ask for it.

    Dave, less than 2% of our investments go via paypal. Whatever paypal does to our paypal funds it won’t affect us.

    Eddy, your concern is understandable. As you see, transparency in business is the main thing for us. Soon we will accept new policy for business owners (currently being worked out) – we will find a way to disclose more information in public.

    I’m here to answer more of your questions, guys.

    Dave Darrell
    UInvest Inc

    • Taki says:

      Hi, Dave. I’m glad that you’ve come back to this site to answer questions. I have a question. Do you work at your main office in Ukraine, or the US branch in Biverly Hills? I’m just wondering what kind of people I could see if I visit your US location.

      • dave darrell says:

        Taki, sorry it took long to respond.

        I’m still in Ukraine. I’m not sure if there will be a decision about me to work in the USA or in Germany or just stay here in Kiev. But you should still be able to talk to our representative in Beverly Hills, we maintain office there.

    • Eddy says:

      Dave, Thanks for replying. I am not asking you guys to show the balance sheet of any of these investments. All I need is just to tell me, for example, where the shopping mall is. After all, it is a public building, supposedly visit by hundreds of buyers everyday. Still, di not understand the big secrecy about it.

  9. Eddy says:

    As expected, my post did not get clarified/answered once i got a little deep into questioning them…

  10. dave darrell says:

    Well, I cannot say I’m an everyday reader of Frank’s blog so I just missed your question. Actually it’s been answered several times on our forum and multiple times on other forums.

    Eddy, what kind of information would you like to receive? Address – investors know the address. Phone #’s, names – you probably know that our policy doesn’t allow us to disclose all details in public.

    P.S. Can you explain “as expected…” please?

  11. Eddy says:

    I have searched throught the internet and have not been able to find a single business of the ones you “promote”. I imagine that if a hotel is public, I would easily find it in a hotel search page, the same goes for a shopping mall. Huge shopping mall that seems to be nowhere in ukraine…I am not asking to provide with much info, just where the mall or hotels are. If it is so provate, how come you publicize photos of them. Following your logic, wouldn´t it be more normal to hide the photos, too? I still beleive that those hotels/shopping mall are not even in Ukraine…

  12. Tim says:

    Register at the forum Eddy… Here is one Example for you.

    There was confusion about one of the Projects and it was found and corrected.

  13. faraaz says:


    hello check the above. It answers some of your questions and i am sure you will all stop investing in UI.

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