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An increase of new HYIPs available at popular monitoring websites  spontaneously increase the amount of money investors lose. In this article, I will discuss how HYIP monitors do business with the guys actually running the HYIPs. First, have you ever heard about the so called black season for 2011 ?

You see, if you would have followed The Private HYIP Monitor and my decisions since the last year without considering any other monitor ( I don’t want you to do that by the way ),  you would have made money just like I did. The problem with every other popular monitoring sites is that they don’t care about the overall profitability of their HYIP list over a long period of time. Monitors will add any HYIP that can afford it. Do you see where I’m heading ?

Understand this : more new HYIPs will always  lead to more scams.

If you can’t fight your greedy devil, you will rush your money in various empty projects which never intended to earn you a profit in the first place. All this within just a few weeks, wow!

It’s not normal if you’re getting caught in this fake excitement generated by administrators of monitors and blogs . It’s not normal if you see a healthy industry when more HYIPs suddenly come to ask for your cash. During these times, those who are making the big bucks are the monitors and the HYIP admins themselves, always on the dreamers’ back. Congratulations if you still use wise strategies as a veteran  ; smile, you’re getting video-tapped !

Honestly, I don’t care if monitors feature just any HYIP. It’s a very good way to make more money from affiliate commissions and of course, the more HYIP pays your listing fee the more your income grows. That’s just not the way I want to work with my Private HYIP Monitor.

However, I care about making sure you know that the most popular monitors ( except mine ) don’t add a new HYIP simply because it can pay for it. You’ll often read that a selection is being made and that no ” obvious scam ” will be listed. Forget it, they all make it. If a HYIP ever stops being monitored, that’s because the administation of the monitoring platform fears for its own credibility. Without a solid credibility, fewer investors will visit the blog/monitor , leading to a drastic decrease in affiliate and advertising revenues. All this can become quite lucrative you know…

For example, I’m asking 180$ / week for a 720x90banner across ;  money doesn’t come easier than this! In fact I should ask a lot more if I compare to my closest ” competitor ”.  With about 900 daily visitors as we speak, imagine how much more I could earn from affiliate programs ! Imagine how many HYIP admins would like to reach you right here right now. Imagine how many of them are willing to pay to be featured on my blog.

Should I put my own interests before yours ?

Sorry, but I’m a man with principles and money won’t buy me into this loop; I have enough anyway. You will never see more than a dozen HYIPs listed here, which always meet my personal quality standards since I’m denying the crap. Personally I better enjoy writing about HYIP tips and I will continue doing just that!

Anyway, I’m here to show how I manage my private HYIP portfolio, I’m not here to run a monitor.

I will conclude by reminding you one of the most important behavior to adopt as a high yield investor : ” Keep your money and wait for the best programs, don’t rush your money in the first to come  ” ! Be aware that monitors and blogs don’t write reviews after reviews and list HYIPs after HYIPs just for fun. They run their business and earn a very nice income from doing it.

This week, I will chang my schedule to dedicate a review article to the short-term investment opportunity called Veritas Funds. It launched on September 17th and it already put several investors in profit. That’s when short-terms can become interesting… I decided to review it first because it’s promising and second because I will take this opportunity to show you the winning elements for a short-term HYIP like Veritas Funds.

Stay tuned and subscribe now to our awesome investors’ community. You’ll learn a lot from the chat!


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8 Responses to “Money News Online scam list”

  1. rebellist says:

    great, i also try to monitoring veritasfund too, really excited to hear about your review, frank

  2. mobashwer says:

    this site can not give money .don’t invest is hurmful

  3. 2Dinosaurs says:

    It is refreshing to know that you are not hyping, HYIPs on your site, Frank. From talking with my HYIP friends and acquaintances I can assure you that those on-the-go use your chat room and site suggestions with gusto. That is, your “Name” is solid on the “HYIP Talk” terrain. Thank you for giving your investment talents in such a sensible manner.

    And further, thank you for your “Top 10 Best HYIP” list. The 5 HYIP investments I chose are doing just fine and that is new terrain for me. . .

    Michael 2Dinosaurs

  4. Margaretta says:

    thanks for info Frank, i am looking good hyip invest program.

  5. Charles says:

    Hi there

    Please can you give me any info on Liberty Reserve’s Hedge-Fund?


  6. Mostapha says:

    Thank you very much, Frank!

  7. bringpeace says:

    I hope many sites will make database about hyip that scam

  8. thanh says:

    hi my friend,

    Im going to invest some money into the veritas fund, please tell me are good in secure?
    i m also looking for anther site with high interst rate over 100% per day like::property gain”,If you are free just please help me with these info .

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