Banners Broker Scam in action ! |

Banners Broker Scam in action !

December 10th 2012 update : You will find all my updates on Banners Broker by clicking here

Keep calm. You’ll continue to cycle your panels and people will continue to join your BannersBroker down line even if today,  we start to review what’s behind the very well sewed curtains covering the core   . Our community is still small enough to not affect BB and honestly, my goal has always been to warn newbies. Whatever your experience is, as always you’re welcome to add your spice in the comment section below.

So let’s start with a poll asking your take on the supposed BannersBroker investment scam :

Do you think that BannersBroker can earn you money without new and/or old members' funds coming into the program?

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Thanks for your anonymous participation, don’t be shy to share your thoughts!

Now,  I must admit the results of our last poll on the Zeek Rewards giant raised some serious concerns on my subscribers’ experience.  How could you be so sure that Zeek was, without the shadow of a doubt, not a Ponzi scheme ? Click here to read what happened  two months after my first article on this scheme. More than $600 Millions involved !

You can earn $$$ from these scams ! 

Of course, affiliate professionals and program managers take the lions’ part. With that said, all Ponzi ( and Mavrodi ) schemes have historically put small, private investors in profit zone too. I wouldn’t risk money in HYIPs if I wasn’t earning a monthly paycheck  since 2006 ( read my HYIP story ) you know. You just need to play the game right.

Long story short : these programs are circulating money from members to members. No new money is created. It goes without saying that I’m not referring to pure scams  in which not even  a single member wins. So be aware and risk your cash according to the size of your wallet .  Can you afford to lose it all ?

Surf the wave with good timing . And don’t forget to always wonder if it’s your interest we’re talking about or your upline’s. If you haven’t googled some info already, go ahead and you’ll read some pretty convincing blogs inviting you on board. Just look at both faces of the medal.

How BannersBroker will work after Zeek and JustBeenPaid scams ?

Do you have faith ? Here’s what you’ll find  in section  ” H ” of the Terms and Conditions at :

5 … Words such as “investment”, “doubling”, “ROI”, “compounding”, or “interest”, guarantee in relations to income earned may NOT be used.Affiliates found to be in violation of these terms are subject to immediate termination and forfeiture of any products purchased.

Can you believe in the above statement? Tell me, don’t you see a legal cover-up pointing its nose to pass under the radar of the SEC ? Fellows, this is where the whole HYIP industry is heading. Low-profile scams and better ones like Royalty7 and MacroTrade will continue to launch but we’ll just get more and more organised schemes like ZeekRewards and BB apparently. Back to our sheep :

In other words you need to believe you’re not an investor, but a BannerBroker agent since you bought the Ad-Pub Combo. All you did was buy a product called advertising impressions in the form of panels. No investment. What then? Some magic :

Banners Broker do all the rest for you. You start to earn money doing nothing except cycling your panels. And make sure you do in order to not lose a potential income. Something not sounding strange to you ? You’re required to re-buy 50% or 100% of your completed panels. Let me call that forced compounding .

I’m ignoring  a great money-making opportunity, I know.

BannersBroker lost me when they asked a notarised copy of my ID or passport. No way I’m sharing this private information with potential scammers. With that said, I could open an account with a fake ID and start promoting my referral link. I just wish current active BB affiliates would put more emphasis on the high level of risk to lose money for their downline as well as for themselves !

Agreed, many people from across the world will  earn lots of money with Banners Broker before it scams down. At the same time, lots of our folks will only find satisfaction growing virtual money they’ll never touch. They would be late and sorry investors, among the losing majority as usual. I know the situation isn’t exactly the same, but what happened to the most popular program of 2012 again ?

Banners Broker hide their investment scheme quite effectively and with lots of skills ; clever managers with a very, very solid platform. Hope you’ll adopt the brightest of attitudes if you decided to participate. After all, I’m making money with much less organised programs myself. You just have to keep in mind that all of them shut down sooner or later. Are you comfortable with that?

By the way, if you say BannersBroker can’t be a ponzi or pyramidal scheme just because of the low promised return on investment ( ROI ) , think again. Also, why so many people advertise their BB affiliate link again? Read my previous article for your answer and of course, it’s helping them get 100% ROI faster. We’re not done discussing bannersbroker and review its progress over the upcoming months.

I hope you’re welcoming this friendly reminder today : stay skeptic.

Next article will be on earning an income from home by risking your money in your own potential for success. Not in someone’s else. And maybe a word on my money-making experience with Uinvest. They’ve been earning me big $$$ since 2010

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223 Responses to “Banners Broker Scam in action !”

  1. andrea says:

    HI, I am totally aware , as all “investor’s” should be by now ,that this is all a Ponzi (zeek, BB) , but then, the US government is a Ponzi by now. LOL!. Lots of money was and IS being made by people depositing money in ponzi’s , even Mr. Maddoff made a lot of people very very wealthy , ( but you dont hear from them ) they are living in Belize and they ain’t talking, it’s the ones who got greedy and put it all (or more) in his scheme when it just got too big. and blew up. . Anyway that’s my take on all these HYIP’s , but am very grateful for this blog /site to keep up on the latest and the more “sophisticated ” HYIP’s that have a better then average chance of staying a while. BUT i know one day, hopefully after a few years _) this too shall blow up , and I better not get caught with all my eggs in one basket. and neither should any of us.this is, or these are , MOSTLY a SCHEME. Just be aware of that. I love these hyip’s although i am sort of a newbee, i am making small amounts , but am now playing with the profits’ so “no harm done” . Please keep up the good work.!

    • carlo says:

      i think bannars brokers will be here for several years,if some programms will stay for at least 3jears can also the small investors make good money
      but i see if you invest1.000goes it faster of cours you also can lose money
      that is the risk of hyps
      i am now also in ibogroups,i find it als a good program,but you must be active

    • phil says:

      Frank you have always been critical of any program you review. Dont you see anything good in them? Note that everything thing in life is a risk or some form of ponzi. After all there were some companies that looked legitimate and suddenly went down very fast.

      • Martha says:

        I think you’re missing the point. He’s clearly looking at companies involved in PONZI. PONZI definition per Wikipedia “A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation that pays returns to its investors from their own money or the money paid by subsequent investors, rather than from profit earned by the individual or organization running the operation.” It’s illegal and it’s illegal for a reason. How someone can find something good is such a company is beyond me. So you get involved and either lose your investment or profit from someone else’s lost investment eventually. How do you find something good in companies involved in that?

      • sbonelo says:

        u r absolutely write, people never see things in a positive way

      • Lawrence says:

        No, Frank had some issues he couldn’t resolve with BB. that’s why he is bitter

    • anonymous says:

      I have been trying to get my original “purchase” (not “investment”) back from them well within their refund policy time frames and criteria, yet they have been stalling me since October 2012. It’s a scam – no doubt about it! Any legitimate business would refund your money right away, if you followed their policy to the nines! Good luck to you if you think it’s legit!

  2. xfile says:

    Frank, You waste your time talking about small scams just to get some good traffic in your site. Why not expose the Social Security System and the Federal Reserve as the grand daddy of ponzy scam, which affect negatively peoples lives everyday since people are born?

  3. Heaven says:

    Thank you so much for reminding us Frank, I haven’t joined BB yet, but I’m about to, but this post of you make me to consider again, that’s not mean I won’t join, but I think I shouldn’t invest all of my money, that’s really risky

    • sbonelo says:

      hey stop talking that noncence, im making 100 000 a month in banners broker and i got married using my withdrawerls, so stop talking that crape

      • GSRasengan says:

        Well, I prefer the proper spelling of words, with all that extra money, I would invest in some proper spelling and grammar education.

      • Joe says:

        100k a month ? You ??? Hahaha !
        Most likely you’re being paid by BB about $2h/hours to post your propaganda crap online.

    • ste riley says:

      I have joined and uploaded funds to BB.. I also know a person who draws down 8,000 GBP per month.. GIve it a go… It could last another 12 months or 10 years…
      I havent spoken anybody who has lost on BB..
      go for it

    • Lawrence says:

      Good for you

  4. warvegan says:

    I was helping Chris write an article until now regarding “Banners Broker is a ponzi” on his blog Hyip pulse
    and then the day after, Banners Broker locked Chris account because I refer Banners Broker as a HYIP and ponzi.

    1 week later, Banners Broker told the member about this and asked them for not to refer BB as a ponzi, HYIP and things that do concern about Investment otherwise our account will be terminated

    2 weeks later, they told us not to use the word of “Banners Broker” when promote their referral on domain name, forum, card etc otherwise “terminated”.

    And Wowww !!! they sure are really serious in hiding their ponzi scheme

    • Lawrence says:

      If Stupidity had a definition, that would be you! Your statements are contradictory. You say you wanted to write something about BB being a ponzi at the same time as being a member of BB. You want to eat the cake or talk against it? So something happened, right? What happened? did you attempt to resolve it? Did you write about it here?
      If you conspire against a country you live in, what would that make you? a traitor, right?

      Bottomline: if you want to write against BB, you shouldn’t mind being blocked out.

      • Joe says:

        Hey Lawrence.
        You’re one of the trolls working for BB aren’t you ?

        BB is a Ponzi and that’s a fact. Anyone stating the opposite is a retard.

  5. MK says:


    I think mostly hyip admin hate banners broker , because it is still going very well and they are not going and run away with our money
    so that why admin spread that message . there a lots of hyip who run only limited time even who runs only for oneday and run away by taking us lots of money . i hate that admin who are greedy but BB make the life those members who are poor and who want to earn more money .
    so please do not spread the negativity which company is running for the last years . look your self what will you gain ,after spreading such stupid message you will get nothing . Even your money is loosing in mostly hyip sites which you invest in hyip site . Think about it .

    • Frank says:

      Do you seriously think I wrote that article on bannersbroker to please HYIP admins ? Come on MK.I have nothing to gain here talking about BannersBroker, you’re right. I chose this topic simply because I’m getting tons of e-mails from my readers asking for my position with this program. Well, of course discussing popular topics helps building relations between members of our community and that’s probably where we all gain the most. No? It’s a win-win situation. And by the way, why would I publish an article on a program or subject nobody cares about ? Here, you’ll meet investors just like you. That’s the best about The Private HYIP Blog in my opinion.

      My goal is not to fight or be provocative. It’s to share my experience and what I’ve learned online since 2005. You do what you want with it.

      Like I said, Banners Broker will continue to run. Just like that, are you in profit with them MK ?

  6. Kai says:

    Ponzi cannot get Mastercard prepaid approval.. you didn’t mention anything about their Mastercard

    • Nik says:

      Why not?
      There are plenty resellers, partners who will offer you master cards in bulks, BB is not issuing cards themselves, they are not a financial institution.

      In reality nothing stops any HYIPs offering same kind of service, the problem is expense and exposing
      themselves more. Historically alot of ponzi operators had no problem exposing themselves. Some even been
      licensed by authorities for financial activity while in reality offering unlicensed investments.

      So if you are registered corporation, not convicted felon (yet), have no problem partnering with prepaid card underwriter and want to offer such services, why not?

      Some countries in europe use prepaid cards as the only means to pay their employee, it is not a hard for corporation to apply for that service.

    • Phil says:

      Kai, my dog can get his own branded mastercard if he wants. Mastercard, as an organisation, had nothing to do with the ‘approval’ of BB using them. It is done through a 3rd party broker.
      These are pre-paid, topup cards that can be branded by anyone. Have you not been to a grocery store recently? They are sold everywhere now.

    • Joe says:

      You mean like Bernie Madoff’s organization couldn’t get personalized credit-cards for its clients ? Hahaha !

  7. Steve Finn says:

    I have been involved in BB since June and would be very interested to hear your thoughts on the MasterCard prepaid approval also.

    • Nik says:

      My company employs 5 people in Ukraine, we applied for 5 debit cards in their name with my company logo.
      (They all had to submit scans of passport)
      Twice a month we deposit their salary to those cards.

      To set up something like that took us less than a day, card issuer did check the corporate records
      tax ID etc., how else would they check if my company is ponzi or not?

      So why thing like offering debit cards adds for legitimacy of the investment scheme?
      It’s just an extra plus for such deal, but doesn’t make it any legit.

      • Philip B says:

        I have some questions regarding the BB prepaid Mastercard,
        1) would financial institutions– even those in Belize– want to associate themselves with a Ponzi?
        2) To obtain such for a coporation, would they need to submit cash flows records, financial statements, etc.? Ponzis are less likely to do so, and qualify

        • Joe says:

          You’re wrong.

          Famous Ponzi’s have managed to do that for years (in at least one such case they’ve done it for decades).

          Besides, books can be easily cooked (all it takes is a good accountant)

    • pavel says:

      banners claims that Banners Broker is “certified” by MasterCard. In fact, BB buys its card services from “Vector” — an independent reseller.

  8. pavel says:


    your article did not provide any evidence or details. Do you have any proof that banners is a scamm ?

  9. Christopher says:

    Sorry to say this, but in my opinion this article is based upon personal feelings. Also it seems like you did not enough research and built your opinion too fast. You don’t need notarized copies of your documents nor you need a ID or passport. You can also verify your account through a drivers license. Also a notarized copy is only needed if you want to get the BB Mastercard without the low limits.

    The next thing is your statement that getting referrals speeds up the process of getting 10% ROI. This is wrong! It just makes the process a bit cheaper, but in no way faster. You do not earn any money (except from traffic pack purchases) through your referrals. You only earn traffic points that help you to qualify panels.

    The next thing you do not even mention is the fact that BannersBroker was able to offer its members a working Debit Card, a thing that so many HYIPs promissed and failed to provide.

    The next thing is that we all know who is operating BannersBroker. Yes, they operated a scam before, but does this mean that Bannersbroker is a 100% scam? If they would operate a scam again they would go straight into prison. Also it would be easy for us to get them. These guys did not even hide, they travelled around the world and made meetings with the members.

    In my opinion Bannersbroker is the biggest opportunity we will see for at least the next year. Who misses it should not complain then to always hit the right programs. You always say you want to help people make money, so why writing such articles without a base and making people stop choosing such a great oportunity? Sometimes I don’t get you.

    • Frank says:

      Thanks for your comment Christopher.

      The major reason justifying this article is to make sure my subscribers understand the risks with Banners Broker. Why BB in particular ? As with Zeekrewards, thousands of people take all the info at BB for cash. I say it’s safer for your wallet to stay skeptic. Go earn a living from your blog if you want, I consider it’s more clever to stay independant of HYIP-related revenues for my life-style. And also for the sake of my readers who could believe I’m influenced by the money I’m offered or income I could generate by presenting this or that program.

      By the way, I’m not saying BannersBroker is a 100% confirmed scam. I’m saying there’s a good chance it is according to their setup, how it’s marketted, how members earn from it and of course, according to my experience with other similar programs since 2006. Do you know somebody who can proove BannersBroker is not a scam?

      A driver license is an ID.

      Referring others helps you earn ROI faster because you’re doing it with less money. Time is money.You wrote ” It is very important to sponsor people ( in banners broker ) .Why? Because it can save you a lot of money. ” It’s alright, I’m sure you’re really good at helping others understand the program, and these commissions are your paycheck.

      Debit card prove something to you? Tell me how can a credit card company verify the legetimacy of BannersBroker or any other company?

      We both agree on this Christopher. BannersBroker really has the potential to outcome Zeek and JSS in popularity and in profits for small investors from around the world. You’ll earn good money if you continue to feature. It’s alright. I don’t want to make money with them even if it would have been very profitable for me.

      Honestly, I prefer insisting on building a real business with my readers these days instead of investing in HYIPs. That’s how they’ll earn a residual income online. Usually not for a quick profit but for the long-run money, it’s the best.

      And I value the trust of my readers so much more than any amount of $$$ my blog can generate. In life, I’m earning too much money for what I can spend. This blog is a passion for me, such a precious way to get in touch with hundreds of people from all round the Earth for me, and now for everyone together here. I’m that kind of person, believe it or not.

      And these days as you can see from this comment, I have the passion for writing ;)

      • Christopher says:

        “By the way, I’m not saying BannersBroker is a 100% confirmed scam”
        Then better change the title. Oh, I forgot: SEO technique….

        • Frank says:

          You’re your own boss Christopher. If you want to believe that BannersBroker is a real business and that your an agent, not an investor, you’re free to do so. In my opinion, it’s wrong to spread such statement publicly especially without a word of warning ; as if you verified all what BB states about their activities.

      • sbonelo says:

        frank i want to be part of your business

      • Lawrence says:

        “By the way, I’m not saying BannersBroker is a 100% confirmed scam. I’m saying there’s a good chance it is according to their setup,”

        So you think BB is not 100% confirmed scam!. And yet you wrote an article and spent time to bash it.

        Haven’t u heard, “you are either pregnant or not pregnant; there’s no such thing as little pregnant.??

        “I’m saying there’s a good chance”

        So you think people should believe you on the basis of what you think is a good chance??? And you made all this up based on this??????

        Get some life asshole!!. You are definitely losing it.

  10. Peter says:

    I’m amazed about how everyone talks about hyip’s and ponzis refering specific websites which may or not be ponzi/hyip and it has been spoken by other persons (and correctly) that no one speaks about banks and other financial institutions.

    How about banks in the USA beeing ponzi schemes? Have you seen the movie Inside Job ? Then you know that financial institutions create “financial objects” (you can call it positions, or whatever, because they phisically don’t exist) in which they sell and make money with it based on interest to the buyer.

    Bank regulation on the USA-we-are-the-best country is a joke.. the american senate is a joke.. we all know that they aproove laws that benefit themselfs and their friends, the american senate is corrupt as well.

    It’s not only american based banks that are in this list, many around the world act the same.

    What happens when banks go down.. you loose your money, or most of it? Correct.

    In what did you invest in that case? financial objects? what are they? You get interest rate based on the money you invested.

    and a final word to all of this.. LOL

  11. Joan says:

    I like it when Frank posts articles about various “investment” opportunities. I figure it is a “heads up” for me and I have to decide where I will put my money, how much, and for how long. Frank’s articles get me thinking and reading.

    As far as HYIPS are concerned, I get in and get out as soon as possible. I take smaller earnings and count myself fortunate to be able to do it.

  12. Ivan says:

    Yes Peter…you just wrote about the core of the ponzi Titanic that is spreading all over the world.I would never speak so much about BB without fighting the ponzi in it’s core – feds and mighty banks = scary ponzi explosion that has already destroyed millions oj jobs and homes but Frank does not write about this FACTS…he rather speculates is BB ponzi or not and how big,if it is …what is even more danger and killing is that feds + banks ponzi is LEGAL staff -there is no judge,SEC or what ever that could bring all this scammers in the court.Can you imagine battlefield where 1000s solgers are dying and Frank is punishing some because they did not wash their hands before sleep last night???..this is double-faced moral and has no real value !!!…can we blame the children smoking if their parents smoke 2 boxes per day???…yes’s so easy to open the fire on some individuals that have no conection to political and financial establishment but Frank this establishment holds patent for the most soficticated ,huge and devastating ponzi sucking peoples properties and lifes free from any Frank arround.

    • Frank says:

      You guys are going deep, and I like that.

      Note that I’m also risking my money in high risk Ponzi, and just to give one example, that the 2008 financial crisis was due to a big scam from bankers. My blog focus on HYIPs, if you like we can discuss the reach of Uncle Sam Ivan, and other governments’!

      And no matter how corrupted a government can be, it doesn’t make it acceptable for anyone or any business to be corrupted. What kind of logic is this Ivan ? It would lead to total chaos, no ref, no rules, no mercy.

      So you say that BannersBroker would have the right to be an investment scam because Banks are scam? I know it’s not a proven scam by the way, I wrote the above article because it looks and behave exactly like it. I also know no one who can proove me it’s a sustainable business, that BB will earn new money with my money, not circulating it like ZeekRewards did for example.

      • Ivan says:

        Sorry if I was not enough clear…of course BB is a ponzi system,no doubt in that..why?…they could pay everyone in 48 hours but they do not do that because they have more going out then in…near is Christmas..people are withdrawing lot of money..if this would be money from sold services,every service would be covered with paid amount and could be paid instantly..only ponzi must take care of the balance..that’s why all this days,weeks of waiting – ponzi is colecting the money

  13. shan says:

    i joined banners broker in June 2012. very very happy with the result. got my prepaid master card.lookiing forward to have finger crossed.

  14. Banner advertising is a hot business today. There are many websites that offer earning opprotunites just by cllicking to a banners. The idea is that each banner corresponds to an amount, the more banner you click, the more money you will collect. I’ve tried this before but I stopped. Earning a dollar takes too much time.

    • Annon says:

      Yes that is exactly how BB get their revenue. People clickong on banner adverts.

      Have you seen how many banner ads this dickhead has on his blog. Dont you see HIS scam. He drives people to his blog and people are drawn to his banner adverts like flies to honey. Think about it.. How much money are you making off this blog FRANK?

      • Annon says:

        BTW.. Go to Google and type in anythig you like and add the word scam on the end.. You will be surpised how many “Scams” come up.

        We ahve a coffee franchis here in Australia called Gloria Jeans Coffee. Type in “Gloria Jeans Coffee Scam” and see what comes up. How can a coffee chain be a scam? Is it a ponzi as well.

        Pur your head back up your arse Frank it is safer in there.

  15. Peter says:

    I’m from Portugal, and as many know, we are under an IMF bailout. We have politicians that cut and cut the expenses but don’t promote the economy. This means that consume decreases, if consume decreases the companies income decreases and you can imagine that it will be like a ponzi falling from the top to the bottom.
    We, the people, the low-medium class are obbligated to find other ways of earning money to survive. (dispite we all know that the medium class is becoming rare not just in my country)

    The fact is, do you want to put your money on a bank with a 0,5% interest every 3 months and consider it a “safe” investment? I mean “safe” because 2 banks already went bankrupt.

    Or do you want to invest in a program that says it pays very well dispite the risks that are inherited to it ?

    Many will go to the second option, as i did. But as Frank always mentions correctly, i’m a skepticist, a pessimist, research is what i do most before getting into a program similar to BB or whatever.

    The fact is, if everyone would be well (financially), ponzis would still exist but not as famous as they are now.

    Greed is the worst enemy of an investor, most people take this as a fact, but when taking decisions, they usually forget that.

  16. John says:

    I fail to see how BB is a scam when you can withdraw what you put in after around four months then continue to grow your income with profits. I’ve only referred a few of my family who are all earning without referring. All fees are paid from profits. It’s not get rich quick but works for me after 6 months.

  17. Wisdom says:

    Email for LR and payza Exchange ****EDITED BY ADMIN ( Frank ) *****

    • Frank says:

      Wisdom, exchange requests are strongly prohibited in our community. You can try yourself on TalkGold or MMG.

      I don’t want to ban you, but I will if you don’t cooperate. Thanks.

      We adopted this rule to protect everyone from scammers who don’t hesitate to take advantage of newbies by reversing the Payza transaction to their benefits after getting the LR funds, for example.

      If you want my advice, you should register a Uinvest account and become a Financial Partner there.

  18. Lisa says:

    so which Ponzi pays and better then coz it will be nice to have some cash?

  19. Anonymous says:

    The controlled information is still fresh in everyone’s mind! It’s all run from greed and fear! When the recent crisis struck guess who was front and center? Exactly! Maddoff! To stay fresh in everyone’s mind of what to steer clear from. No hyip would ever scam if they had they had the great mechanism of “Quantitative Easing”! This means when withdrawals get slow, PRINT more money! Oh I’m sorry that’s for FED use only, even though its a group of private persons, NOT government. The more money we print the more interest to pay. The more interest to pay, the more money we print. It would be more advantageous to use this blog to make people aware of the real scheme! Or does anyone know why banking should return to the free market? When the Mayan calendar expires, pray our future generations become great individual thinkers! All BB is doing is renting out booths at the flea market selling your product(space) while your doing other things. That’s the American Dream! Pay to use! If you don’t pay you lose. Pay off your mortgage and you own you home right? Nope, the municipality can’t pay police without new money right? Right! So keep that new tax money coming in guys! It’s not a ponzi though!

  20. Hari baskar says:

    If it is PONZI or any other thing, that is not going to matter, do you mean to say that those companies having products are NOT PONZI, anything may happen behind the scene, most of the companies who are doing online buiness (Income programmes) are using the investors funds to multiply in forex and commodity trading otherwise they could not pay huge profits to their customers or affilates. Banners broker could come up with proven product and services very easily, they have been approved by Master Card.
    that is not going to be a big problem for them.

  21. Liberty says:

    Frank, you should review this new plan that launched this week called United Paycheck. Looks impressive with multiple avenues of earning like 1.5% daily returns, 5% direct referral, 10% binary referral commission [unlimited levels] as well as a matrix style AdBank bonus [$120]. I’m of course promoting it because I feel they should last for at least a year seeing that their returns are moderate, their site seems quite professional, I even noticed some Spanish and German instructional videos. So with a 100 day plan, this just could be the next JBP or BB :) It’s all about calculated risks, and though this is not your regular HYIP, the above factors point that it will stay for a while.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Im going to join BB based on the fact that out of all the ponzi scams out there, I can meet there team at a conference any where around the world in person:)

  23. d999 says:

    good job…..

    i m agree with u that this is a ponzi schem….but this is also true that peoples make money with banners broker,,and i m the witness my friend taking the profite,,,one day it will b fired,,but right now its doing well,,

  24. Talk2Me says:

    In my opinion, all the online programs that can let us earn good money especially passively can be candidates to be called as ponzi or scams. All the program promoted by this blog and BB will soon be scams…no exemption.

    Am just wondering…why you are alarmed when everyday you are also dealing with ponzi programs?

  25. dazaman says:

    I have to applaud you on your sheer courage in publishing this post an interesting read, but sadly I disagree with a lot of what you say. I am someone who has lost a lot of money in other businesses promising me that I will have a dream lifestyle, and never worry about money ever again.
    Banners broker has made money for me from week 1 FACT. They are affiliated with matercard one of the most recognised companies world wide FACT.
    It is not pyramid selling I buy off no one but the company, at an amount I choose FACT. If you think this is pyramid selling please do your research first.
    Any business which it is requires an investment but there are three different ways to work this. None of which I have seen you explain, in your write up, you are condemning a company before you know everything you need to about them before doing this write up.
    Furthermore regarding notarised ID you do not have to use notarised Id they also accept non, notarised, which is used for fraud prevention.
    Please do your homework properly.

    • Ivan says:

      here is homework:
      Fact 1: As stated many times, nobody can find the ads. Other than a few token (quite silly) ads run by them directly, there is no “footprint” of BB advertising on the internet.

      Fact 2: The program was announced in 2010 as a “Straightline Doubler Cycler”, and was exclusively announced on HYIP/MLM websites. If you don’t know what “doubler cycler” means, research it.

      Fact 3: The guys who started BB or who are now the leaders of it have zero credentials or history in the advertising business. They do, however, have a long history in MLM / Pyramid schemes.

      Fact 4: BB refuses to work with you as a publisher, if you contact them with an offer to put traffic out on a well-positioned, high-traffic website. Several of us have tried this and were not able to even talk to anyone.

      Fact 5: BB refuses to work with out as an advertiser, if you contact them with an offer to buy a large block of advertising. Again, several of us have tried this and BB is completely unequipped to handle the request.

      Fact 6: There is no organic traffic. BB offers the “choice network” to members, with no disclaimer whatsoever about it being in “test mode” — and Jamie Waters himself demonstrates how to make money from using the “choice network”. However, when pressed on the complete lack of utility or credibility regarding this network, people quickly say “it is in test mode”. This is not disclosed to any members via the dashboard, back office or on the BB website, anywhere.

      Fact 7: No businessmen (or women) in a free market economy would “discover” a business model as elegant as BB claims to be — and turn it over to anyone willing to sign up for a free membership. There are (supposedly) millions of dollars in cash flow at play here, with margins that would make the executives at Google salivate – yet the patrons who started BB decided to give it all away to the rest of us.

      Fact 8: BB claims to be in business with Clicksor, yet Clicksor has nowhere near the capacity to even begin to touch the advertising flow-through that BB claims to be driving. You can call Clicksor yourself (as I did) and confirm this.

      Fact 9: BB is not known to any of the outside advertising reporting agencies who spend 24 hours a day tracking and reporting on the online advertising business. You can call ComScore yourself (as I did) and confirm this.

      Fact 10: The leaders of BB never attend, present a topic at or even have a presence (like a simple information booth) at any of the big advertising conferences. This is beyond unusual for a “breakthrough” business such as BB.

      • Frank says:

        Very interesting crash between people who know the beast and people who want to believe. Both can win you know, but one would only be lucky. The other would didn’t play by luck, but by knowledge of the dissimulated nature of programs like Banners Broker.

        And new BB memebers say they are making money… Are you making money when you’re growing a virtual balance ? You’re making money when you cash more funds back into your banking account than the amount you involved.

        I’m not saying bannersbroker won’t be profitable for several people by the way. It’s looking to become the next Zeek Rewards.

        • ivan says:

          Agree and now new update – all the major promoters are no longer posting on the public financial forums ! ! ! ! !..what does it mean??… They don’t want to have any posts close to when this goes down..and the collapse is damn near..BB is facing LAST WEEKS IF NOT DAYS !!!!!..I would be very surprised if this carousel would persist till New Year

  26. anon says:

    Hi Frank,

    Glad to see your doing well with visitors and banners. Explain this oone to me….

    you say its a ponzi right? what ponzi specifically tells you that you dont need referrals? Furthermore, what ponzi encourages you to buy packages for affiliates using money from their own ewallets, in other words money that is already in the system, and then a couple of months later will pay out twice what that package costs, from money WITHIN the system???

    You really have no idea of the monster this company will become lol

    • Frank says:

      Tell me Anon, where did you verify what you just said ? On the BannersBroker website ?

      Prove me the system is generating new money, not just circulating it from member to member. Show me the list of clients who use the services of bannersbroker.

      Were you in Zeekler ?

    • ivan says:

      This ponzi monster is collapsing right in front of your eyes..Payza is out…STP shortly..the facts are:

      1.Basic/arbitrary delays in paying withdrawals.
      2.Encouraging people to purchase new packages from existing “profits” — to transfer to another (ideally, new) member.
      3.Quickly jumping on Payza’s inability to take in new money — and turning that into shutting off Payza completely, for paying out money (even though Payza says that the withdrawal component is not affected).
      4.Without reason, shutting off STP as a payment option.
      5.Requiring a three-month advanced notice on any withdrawals over $10,000 — due to “cash flow management”.
      6.Massive catch-up on traffic pack payments from months ago — and requiring a hard commitment of ongoing traffic pack purchases of 75% of any prior period peak commitment (this one is huge).
      7.Not giving sales credits for “downlines”, for traffic pack purchases, etc. This is constantly cited as an “issue being looked at” but it has been weeks and some affiliates with many downlines are saying their “business” has ground to a halt due to the problem.
      8.Cutting the sales credit agreement in half from what it was when people signed up for this program.
      9.Assuring their lead affiliates / “independent contractors” continue to convince people to be in this for the “long haul” and use language like “don’t even think about withdrawing anything for at least 6-9 months”.

      The net effect of these means a tremendous amount of retention of otherwise eligible withdrawals. I give them credit for this — they know they are in deep trouble on cash flow and are pulling out all the stops to keep people from taking their (supposed) profits out of the system.

      • Lawrence says:

        That you can’t withdraw to Payza, is a lie. That Payza is out is a lie.
        Everything else can be assumed to be lies if lies are resorted to to make a point. Frank is loosing respectability from his readers solely for his article on BB. Frank has not proved anything. At least not yet. When he does, let us all listen to him, he is after all, otherwise a man of wisdom

  27. Damian says:

    I’ve been with BB since March all I can say is they have their problems but it seems more like growing pains. Last month my withdrawl request was late. This month right on time. Are they a ponzi? They may of been in the past but not anymore. There are several trading platforms out there all interlinked where advertising companies can buy and sell ads. Can they make money definitely. Smaller panels complete at a pretty decent rate but black who knows I have never had one but I know reds take a while. It would not be hard to get the returns needed to indefinitely sustain the program since you don’t receive a dime until a panel finishes. Overall those thinking of putting their money in their go right ahead. BB gave me enough to quit my job and diversify into other programs too. BB is number one in my book. My only regret is I did not join them last year.

  28. HI i joined BB to 2 weeks and it is great… thanks for the post

    • ivan says:

      you will be surprised by the upcoming events…on your place I would stop scamming around and take out all the money you can…if you can

  29. Linda says:

    I joined Banner’s Broker on September 28, 2012 and I think its awesome, I am making money…..thanks for the post.

    • Frank says:

      You’re not making money from bannersbroker if you joined so recently Linda. You,re growing your BB balance, that’s it.

      With that said, you’re welcome to keep us posted with your reports when you actually reach the profit zone.

      • Lawrence says:

        Frank, I support Profitable Sunrise, and I know you do too. How long does it take to get into profit zone in Profitable Sunrise. Is it immediate?? Therefore understand that every business has its own gestation period. Frank, I seriously think you should stop this BB bashing. You know you have no substance. Like they say to cover one lie, you have to say a hundred more. To be adamantly obsessed with bashing BB with stupid things that you originally came up with, now you have to back it up with more stupid statements, eventually turning yourself into a total dickhead, who otherwise was respected as an intelligent writer. Let it go Frank, stop making an ass of yourself. Whatever you have with BB, resolve it with them. After all, we do respect you for your insight on HYIPs. And talking about HYIPs, if you are OK with HYIPs you immediately lose ALL credibility to even as much as point a finger at BB. That would be like a street hooker pointing a finger at a bar hooker.

  30. Mat says:

    This blog writes of the great shit …
    BB is a serious and paying and as long as there will be in and see for yourself how it works, can not afford to defame how you’re doing! Shame on you! I served these false information to drive traffic to your blog. Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ……..

    • ivan says:

      Shame on you men!!!!…you are part of ilegal ponzi system…shortly many will meet the cosequences…instead of scamming people around,you should consider URGENT WITHDRAWAL of all your money AS U MUST in given momment..if it’s not to late

  31. Jim says:

    Linda: “I joined Banner’s Broker on September 28, 2012 and I think its awesome, I am making money…..thanks for the post”

    So you’ve been in less than 4 weeks and you think you are making money. But you will not have withdrawn any, so you have made nothing, right?

    • Ivan says:

      Jim…this is the sad truth of many involved in this bubble but they will tell you all the best in hope to get some coins from falling dragon

  32. Chris Dalton says:

    Hi guys banners broker is the real deal i have took out way more yes withdrawn and spent 5x more than i put in, i must admit i still have my doubts till this day but go along to a local meeting and here some of the storys of its exsiting members have to tell, i know one guy who has give up his JOB and is taking about £6200 to £7000 a month out. please can you existing members or newbies please visit my site and write on my blog to tell people about your personal experiances. My site is not up and running on the google search engine yet but soon will be! but if you click on the link or enter the domain name in manually then it will take you directly to my site its

    And for you doubters go down to your local meeting!!!

    • Ivan says:

      JOB can last even 10 years or more,BannersBroker is on his last legs…next year will collapse and all thos who quit job will regret..BB is just a big casino where few wins and many players lose

    • ivan says:

      you poor guy…you talk as a real BB-droid…your statement is forgery and you are involved in ilegal activity

      • sbonelo says:

        i lost my parents in 2011, i couldnt find a job. i got this banners broker opportunity, and now iam living in a mention, i drive a mercedize worth $1000 000. so dont talk noncence

  33. Danie says:

    Everything in life is a ponzi. Where do you think the banks get their money to give you a loan… it’s other peoples’ money you are spending.
    The banks are only required to have 10% of cash in reserve, all of the rest are spent, loaned and invested. If bad news surfaces about a bank, a large amount of account holders will want to withdraw their money and then the bank folds with lots of people losing their own money. I’d rather put my money in a couple of hyips (some fold and some wont) and double my funds year in and year out than putting it in a bank for 5% interest when they loan it out to you for 30% interest.

  34. Anonymous says:


    This is a real scam, what can I say.
    My friend started with $415, he has withdrawn $2500 used the mastercard in UK and Canada. His panels are worth $43,000, if he wishes he can withdraw $2000 a month or keep repurchasing panels. What a scam ?

  35. jake says:

    Ive read this blog and every comment. I have no idea what side to be on. My fam has had great success with bb and i have followed and have done good things myself. Ive gotten more friends and fam in and now im scared. I hear about these hyips and scams and ponzis but then i hear banners is the best of them all. I just hope it lasts cause i love working with and i love the money. This my first one and wca will be my second. Hopefully im making the right choice. What are the best related programs to use?

  36. Rizwan says:

    Dear all readers we all have different opinions I know only one think and that is how good you are in your calculations , I think we all can earn from hyips as well as from good companies but we can not take a chance for long time , so try to connect with as many people who are engage in online business its that difficult to earn 200$ to 500$ daily its a game of presence of your mind fell free to talk to me.

    • qasim says:

      hello rizwan bhai tell me about bannersbroker how it is site its scam or real make money i earn here then i invest here some pls guide me about it some info

    • ivan says:

      wrong…you are not just take money from people joined after you…when the bubble collapse…you will have money of victims who will lose everything..that’s why BB is in fact ilegal company

      • Sunshine says:

        I have been with BB since Feb 2012. I am extremely happy with the results and have not ‘recruited’ anyone or have ANYONE in my downline. Yet it is working for me.


  37. jakeo says:

    What do u know about world consumer alliance?

  38. Frank says:

    Very interesting discussion on Banners Broker has started up here. I read all your comments guys and I couldn’t resist to expand the discussion on our new forum

    In my book, you can only win to consider BannersBroker as a Ponzi. If you don’t consider it as a Ponzi, you expose yourself to high level of risks. With the scam scenario in mind, you can still participate in BB and run the chance to earn from it.

    All popular Ponzi are profitable to a minority of non-greedy investors who knew when to get out. We have a long experience with HYIP scams here. Personally, I’m following this underground industry since 2005.

    Were you among the thousands of Zeek Rewards believers ?

  39. Khan says:

    Look at the new trick of bb as auto trafic pack



  41. ivan says:

    TAKE ALL YOUR MONEY OUT…N O W.. do not wait..tomorrow could be to late !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Frank says:

      I can see you’re pretty active against BannersBroker Ivan. Can you introduce us with some of your experences online with such websites? You’re welcome to share your opinions here.

  42. Levi says:

    This frank is an hyip idiot. BB has nothing to do with you frank or your hyip scams. What a stupid person.

    and BTW….


    • Ivan says:

      You know..the best proof BB is a ponzi scam you can get from – members.I just red some funy statements…a member on a forum is trying to convince public that here in BB you do not have INVESTMENT…well he put really so much effort saying that this is not investment but PUTING MONEY IN…hahahahahahaha…men..oh boy…it must be prity hard to screw your own inteligence…but then what happened was really top comedy…another member wrote that he was selling panels as he is long time the INVESTOR in BB…hahahahahaha…what a flagrant stupidity you can read when people follow fake just metter of time they will be forced to make themslef fools

  43. Joelson says:

    Este Site, pra mim é uma grande porcaria…Esse tal de Frank, so sabe apresentar acusações. Este camarada deveria pelo menos ter prova de tudo quanto ele messiona no site, so os seu comentarios idiotas não são suficientes para derrubar o negócio BB. Porque vc não se apresenta sua identidade colega, porque no minimo eu iria encaminhar seus comentarios infuteis, para empresa que no mínimo meteria um excelente processo na sua cara linda e maravilhosa, cade seu telefone? qual seu nome completo? qual seu endereço? Pelo amor de Deus….Apareça pelo menos! A BB pode ate ser uma farça mas vc esta fazendo a mesma coisa…Apareçaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

    • Frank says:

      In english please Joelson. If I’m that much of a joke, you must now consider my warning on Zeek Rewards was a joke too right ? Go read the comments, you’ll see a lot of similar comments to yours now about BannersBroker.

      Did the majority believed Zeek Rewards was the real deal ? Yes. Does the majority think that BannersBroker is the real deal ? Yes. That’s funny.

      • Ali K says:

        Always suspected Zeek was dodgey but still took part. BB is a good thing stop frightening people.

      • Ivan says:

        You know Frank…all ponzi are unserious and flimsy organized…what you get is all kind of wrong informations,wrong estimated events,delays of all kind..but the funy thing is – all followers will explain you that this is because the “company” is gowing and have some problems while growing what is ,of course,quite normal – the fact is they all want to see the black as a white…but they know very well what is going on – that’s why they are all part of criminal activity and can be processed by the law

      • Lawrence says:

        There’s no logic in saying BB is a scam because ZEEk was a scam. Examine you brains Frank.

  44. edward says:

    I have been with BB for almost one year and going really strong, like any ponzi has its ups and downs. All i can say is that with all the ponzi scams that im involved with, BB is by far the best paying monster out there and i believe this is the tip of the iceberg:-)
    And who didn’t lose money in zeek:-) you win some you lose some just soilder on….

    I like this site frank :-) keep up the good work

    • malua says:

      I like your BB energy edward.. I have been a member of BB since January and have been milking it hard:) I pulled out my investment times 10 and just playing with the profits.. i dont give a f**K if its a ponzi or not, just in it to win it!! And your right about the the tip of the ice berg edward. no ponzi can touch BB

    • Ivan says: why not rob a bank Edward?…maybe you will get detained maybe not..besides if you know what bank holds lot of money,it’s a win win situation,isn’t it?

  45. edward says:

    Your pulling 100,000USD a month?? You must be be a millionare sbonelo:-) good to know your pulling that kind of cake lol my sponsor pulls $50,000 a month and his portfolio is currently sitting at 1.9M

  46. chris Dalton says:

    I hate the way people slag BB off! The fact is it pays, I myself am taking out about $1000 dollers a month yes in cash! and i have been doing for the last year! So the sites not perfect and it sometimes takes longer than promised for the money to be loaded to my card but i get it!!!!
    Do i care weather banners broker is an advertising broker? NO because it makes me money!!!!!

    • Ivan says:

      Of course you do not care to be out of law.But are you aware of the possible law consequences you might meet?..I can do not care for that…you are happy to be acquainted even with evil if he brings you money…like Dalton brothers

  47. Michael says:

    Scams – all businesses are a scam if shareholders can – and do – lose their money.
    I wish BB and all the other shareholder based businesses good luck in this free market economy that it is our “luck” to be part of.

  48. Marc says:

    Hello from Austria!
    Now bannersbroker is also starting here and it has for sure some ponzi elements in it. Here is the proof! BB claims that youdo not need any new affiliates, so it will also work if you are doning it alone: Thats true until a certain point. Besindes the buying and producing of panels you have to have traffic, which you can generate with new members or buying traffic packs. BUT: Traffic an panels dont help you, if you dont have the allowance to activate those panels, so if you have to many panels of one colour you have to make a roll up and so on, that goes until you have to have a black panel, wher you only have the allowance to purchase one, so if you are on that point, you have one black panel, 2 red, 4 green, 8 blue, 16 purple and 32 yellow ones, when all that panels are through its over, then you cannot activate one more panel and earn money (virtual). The only way to activate more panels is to find ne members under you that have an active account, produce panels etc and send traffic and allowance to your account.

    So I recommend that everyone who has the chance to get the money, he invested out, do it and with the rest, take it as a game


  49. Phil says:

    I have enjoyed reading all the comments . I have just joined BB Nov 2nd total outlay £642-92 , i ask myself will my money see the other side of Christmas , well the way i see it is,every year i have a gamble on the Cheltenham festival ( 4 days of horse racing ) and I always look at this as money lost before the first race is even run , well i am looking at BB in the same frame of mind , the simple fact is that you have to count the money you part with as lost from day 1 , if you cannot afford to lose it don`t do it . I am promoting it on my website ,of course that has benefit`s for me , i will be advising and helping people the best way i can and one thing will be , to be taking a return as often as you can . I have noticed that many people keep re-investing and re-investing , wrong way to go in my opinion .

  50. Luther says:

    I came across this it when doing some research after being approached by an acquaintance to invest in Banners Brokers. From what he told me about the set up I immediately suspected it was a ponzi scheme, but he was so obviously completely immersed in the whole idea that I was reluctant to burst his bubble without taking a serious look at it myself. The most striking thing about his attitude, and those of many of the supporters I’ve seen on this and other sites, is the extent to which they have committed emotionally to the program. Its like a religious fervour, and anyone who questions their beliefs needs to be persuaded otherwise. When I went back to him today and told him that I wouldn’t be putting any money in, and telling him that he should not put another cent in and should be looking to get whatever he can out, he was very defensive. What makes me think it almost indoctrination is the fact that he spouted out much the same “proofs” with huge conviction as many of the BB followers on here and other sites. Things like “Mastercard only certifying legit businesses”, how he can view his ever increasing values online, and how other investors have pulled out €x every month and are now living the high life. When he offered his final justification, that the Cork based Irish promoter of the business was “a multi millionaire” I couldn’t resist telling him that “of couse he is. He’s got your €5000 and the money of a couple of thousand other guys like you. Why wouldn’t he be a multi millionaire”. To be honest I’m not sure that I actually convinced him that the whole thing will inevitably come crashing down.

  51. Chris Dalton says:

    For those doubters who keep saying Banners broker will crash etc Where is thier proof? these are just opions, people keep asking me why havnt i heard of any publishers who BB buy advertising space off, or why havnt i heard of any advertisers who rent the space off BB? The anwser is because why would either of them tell people or need tell people its just not important. Want to learn more or thinking of joining BB visit doubters welcome and please write on my blog page to tell about your experiances of Banners Broker.

    • Frank says:

      All good ponzi schemes are paying Chris. Do you really consider that because you’re earning an income from Banners Broker, it’s a automatically a legit business?

      Note that it’s alright if you’re making money cheerleading it. It’s just dangerous for your downline to be introduced to BB as a legit business instead of a scam business. Why? Because since we can’t verify who wrong, the safest way is to consider it’s a scam.

      I say we can’t verify, but between you and me, Banners Broker show all the signs of a Ponzi scheme. I’m talking with experience, for what it can be worth to you.

      • Lawrence says:

        Haven’t you ever made money from an HYIP that went bust later. By what credibility are you saying, Do you really consider that because you’re earning an income from Banners Broker, it’s a automatically a legit business?
        Grow up Frank? I say again stop coming up with your stupid logic to save face.

    • Ivan says:

      I found many advertisers complaining that given service by BB is PURE SCAM…that are egzactly the words they used….PURE SCAM…if you want to find this reports you will but of course you do not want it because you know it’s scam

  52. Rasheed says:

    Interesting. I’m glad I found the site. It’s incredible how greedy people can be: “I don’t care what it does as long as it makes me money!”

    So those people don’t care how many people lose their life savings, as long as they come out on top. How selfish.

    The basic thing to ask yourself when joining a business or opportunity is “where does the money come from?” If it comes from recruitment of new members, then it’s a ponzi.

    One also has to ask if the front line products are competitive in comparison to what is available elsewhere on the market. $40 juice is simply not competitive.

    So many people have pitched me BB as a money making opportunity, and don’t even Mention the fact that advertising is (supposedly) involved. I hold my integrity at a higher standard than to promote a ponzi, even if it does make me millions.

    Thanks for the blog, frank. Some people just don’t see logic. After reading all the comments, their only argument seems to be “I know someone who’s making xyz amount of money and you’re stupid Frank”

    And “xyz is a ponzi too!” If you don’t like the federal reserve system, then move to another country. It’s really that simple. But for as long as you’re going to be using federal reserve notes, then deal with it. Two wrongs don’t make a right: you can’t justify a scam by saying other scams exist. That’s stupid. OJ Simpson got away with murder, does that mean I should murder people and tell the judge that OJ Simpson got free? You try that and tell us how if you got tipped for your stand up routine.

    One does not need evidence to show that something IS a scam, when it clearly looks like one. So fork up the proof, pro-BB guys, and insulting people against your point of view is the quickest way to make your “argument” fall on deaf ears.

    • Ivan says:

      So true Rasheed but all BB followers think the same way – f xx k others,I am the God ….after me the flood – Why should I bother with the burdens of rulership? If the place goes to hell after I’m gone, so be it.

    • Ion says:

      A fool and his money are soon parted – and this is how.

      • Lawrence says:

        You are in the wrong blog discussion, my friend. This blog is not about people hanging on to their money but keeping them invested somewhere, scam or no scam. This blog is not for people who keep their money in the bank which is the safest. In that context you can say, ” a fool and his money,,,,.

        People here are all parting with their money. The argument is ‘where’?

    • John says:

      Good post, Rasheed. It’s a shame, but with the way people are, the only safe attitude is to see everyone as a thief and a scammer until they prove otherwise.

    • Lawrence says:

      You have your brains in your ass.

      “Interesting. I’m glad I found the site. It’s incredible how greedy people can be: “I don’t care what it does as long as it makes me money!”

      What world are you living in? Are we on the same earth? For lack of space, I wont’ dwell much on this, but look around and see how corporates make money and then point a finger at BB.

      “So those people don’t care how many people lose their life savings, as long as they come out on top. How selfish.

      “Idiot, nobody puts their life savings in any online businesses.” That’s a cliche you use to gain sympathy. Fucking Idiot!

      The basic thing to ask yourself when joining a business or opportunity is “where does the money come from?” If it comes from recruitment of new members, then it’s a ponzi.

      In BB, there’s no need to recruit. Again, you fucking ill-informed moron.

      One also has to ask if the front line products are competitive in comparison to what is available elsewhere on the market. $40 juice is simply not competitive.

      JUICE??? Idiot, Idiot, Idiot!!!!!

      “So many people have pitched me BB as a money making opportunity, and don’t even Mention the fact that advertising is (supposedly) involved. I hold my integrity at a higher standard than to promote a ponzi, even if it does make me millions.”

      Yeah right!!

      “Thanks for the blog, frank. Some people just don’t see logic. After reading all the comments, their only argument seems to be “I know someone who’s making xyz amount of money and you’re stupid Frank””

      YES, and they are right because they are out there in the real world, and you and Frank are here loving the sound of your own words.

      “And “xyz is a ponzi too!” If you don’t like the federal reserve system, then move to another country. It’s really that simple. But for as long as you’re going to be using federal reserve notes, then deal with it. Two wrongs don’t make a right: you can’t justify a scam by saying other scams exist. That’s stupid. OJ Simpson got away with murder, does that mean I should murder people and tell the judge that OJ Simpson got free? You try that and tell us how if you got tipped for your stand up routine.”

      typical cliche arguments that hold no solid ground.

      One does not need evidence to show that something IS a scam, when it clearly looks like one. So fork up the proof, pro-BB guys, and insulting people against your point of view is the quickest way to make your “argument” fall on deaf ears.

      One does not need evidence? Looks like one to who? To you asshole? Who the fuck are you?

  53. Korthala says:

    I thought I’d be between the first to comment but as always It happens that I keep what I think for myself. I see many members claiming it’s a ponzi,and I cannot argue with them even if so far I like the company but I won’t speak good about it until I meet one of the owners, corner him somewhere and extract information. And truth be told I’m not even concerned about me loosing money, I’m just concerned for one member in my downline who could loose it that’s all. And I’d appreciate if this post is kept with information with proof backup and not just one of those lousy believers vs. skeptics thread. So, for me if it gets past christmas then it will probably last until next christmas or halloween:P

  54. Notabber says:

    I’m puzzled as to how so many people can be conned into believing this nonsense without doing any due diligence. If I was going to “invest” in a scheme I’d want the people running it to be financial experts, but from what I can gather from digging around online, the head office is above an auto repair garage in Canada, the Irish branch is run by a guy who fits tires for a living and the head honcho in the UK is a mechanic who has recently posted a glowing review on a computer training company website thanking them for teaching him how to use a computer! These are the people that major corporations come to when they want to buy advertising? Really?

    If you believe that then you’re going to get everything you deserve….

    • Lawrence says:

      Your quote:
      I’m puzzled as to how so many people can be conned into believing this nonsense without doing any due diligence. (end quote)

      What is “your” due diligence on this?

      Your quote:
      If I was going to “invest” in a scheme I’d want the people running it to be financial experts,”

      Unless you have been living in a cave all these decades, haven’t you seen ordinary investors conned by the “so called financial experts”?

      “but from what I can gather from digging around online, the head office is above an auto repair garage in Canada, the Irish branch is run by a guy who fits tires for a living and the head honcho in the UK is a mechanic who has recently posted a glowing review on a computer training company website thanking them for teaching him how to use a computer!”

      These are the people that major corporations come to when they want to buy advertising? Really?”

      The you should also perhaps research on where the large corporations started their initial setup from, especially internet related businesses, and you will be surprised at what you discover.

      “If you believe that then you’re going to get everything you deserve….”

      Like what Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, Accenture, and so many other company’s investors got. They all started in a set up which is certainly not the present setup.

      So, You Fucking Know-it-all….. Just Fuck off!

      • Rob says:

        Lawrence, your arguments are reasonable your spelling and grammar acceptable but then, as in the words old blue eyes, ‘you go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like….(add unnecessary profanity). You devalue your argument with name calling and childish language. Just some friendly advice, take it as you like.

  55. Notabber says:

    How much profit have you actually made, Sunshine? I don’t mean how much does your BB account say you have made, or will make, but how much real cash have you managed to physically withdraw?

    Or are you “reinvesting” your “profits”, as most of the vociferous BB supporters seem to do? ;)

    • Lawrence says:

      Here you go again like an idiot!

      Mark Twain once said, “It is better to keep you mouth shut and let people think you are a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt.

      Nottaber. Come up with real substance, otherwise just shut the fuck up!

  56. Luther says:

    Notabber, I hadn’t realised that there was such a tie in with the car business, but it now makes sense. I’ve heard about the scheme from two guys, both of whom are involved in car sales. One of them, a guy I consider extremely astute and very successful in legitimate business, mentioned a “business opportunity” he became involved with that guaranteed him phenomenal returns with no downside risk that he had been introduced to by a guy he’s known for years. My instant reaction was that there’s no such thing as a high yield scheme with guarantees, but he completely dismissed my concerns. He wouldn’t tell me the name of the investment or the introducer, but I do know he has put about €25,000 into the scheme by buying out someone elses position. The good thing is that he can afford to lose this money, but my concern now is that he is so completely sold on the scheme that he’ll put more money in, because I got the very strong impressiion that he’s being encouraged to do so by his “friend”, who’s looking to liquidate the positions of other people he brought into the scam.

    When another acquaintance of mine mentioned Banners Brokers as a brilliant opportunity for me, and that he had put in €5,000 a couple of months ago, I did some fairly simple research by googling it, and it immediately became obvious that it was a classic ponzi scheme. I’ve warned him off, but as I said in another post I’m not sure that he’s fully convinced, and is talking about going to another BB meeting locally to hear what they have to say. At least I have managed to stop him putting in more money.

    The quandary for me now is how to approach my other friend, who is also a customer of mine, to tell him that he has been conned. He is a really good guy, but is very proud, even borderline arrogant, of his business acumen, and will not appreciate being told he’s been a fool in this instance. The whole operation seems to be almost cult like in the way they manage to get people to buy into their scheme.

    • Christophe says:

      I love youe “He is a really good guy, but is very proud, even borderline arrogant”. sorry but your post shows me you might be this way, I’m talking about the proud and arrogant part”.

      You say you “did some fairly simple research by googling it”, sorry to say but you might h

    • Christophe says:

      I love youe “He is a really good guy, but is very proud, even borderline arrogant”. sorry but your post shows me you might be this way, I’m talking about the proud and arrogant part”.

      You say you “did some fairly simple research by googling it”, and I agree with you your research was… simple. maybe you should do a bit more homework, real homework before you spread bad news and scare people away from something they could benefit from…

      Swallow your pride, do a REAL research – REAL !

    • Lawrence says:

      Woe unto people who use Google to do research!

    • Lawrence says:

      Woe unto people who use Google to do research. Further, feel sorry for those miserable ignorant assholes that they are being intelligent because they have used Google for their research. Miserable know-it-alls!

    • Rob says:

      Yes ‘Luther’ ‘doing your homework’ by ‘Googling it’ not exactly in depth research, all you will come with is half baked scam blogs like this one that think it ‘could be a scam’ offer zero proof and get high on the search engine as a result. Unfortunate that blogs like this should be so rewarded!

  57. Notabbre says:

    @Luther: “cult” is a very good description of what BB appears to be. I’m still puzzled as to how so many people are taken in. There are pictures online of the main players, the ones who run the seminars and honestly if one of them told me grass was green I’d go outside and double-check.

    • Christophe says:

      Yep, I have poeple like you around me and as sson as there’s a possibility for someone to make some good money, they’ll do everything to persuade them not to… Wondering if behind the “I care for you” there isn’t simply the desire not to see other do better…

    • Lawrence says:

      Asshole, they are out there doing seminars, Miserable nobody that you are, you are here on this stupid blog doing nothing but stop people from doing what they do. Or suggest something productive if you have it in you.
      Or shove your fucking stupid face in you arse.

  58. Bannersbroker says:

    hi i joind Bannersbroker for 6 weeks and it is greats thanks for your post :-)

  59. larubero says:

    Just a remark about having to upload your ID. Any bank you wish to open an account with asks you for your ID and proof of address. I don’t se anything strange in that. Bannersbroker makes it’s money from selling advertising just like Google does. Is Google a scam?

  60. anon says:

    A good friend of mine keeps raving on about bb and that by not joining i am missing out on a great opportunity to make alot of easy money,in my humble opinion your either born to money, get lucky and win the lottery, work hard to make it, or make it in a underhand way, in my experince on this road in which we all travel i have found that the route to easy wealth is a path that leads the gullable to ruin.

  61. Ivan says:

    As you can see the BB circus is collapsing -members reporting to wait for money more then 50 days ,many waiting already 60 days and nothing.The point is,many of them already reported BB as not paying program to the canadian and UK authorities and this is the crucial moment for every ponzi – however the investigation will never begin as BB will vanish much much sooner – The first sign of the end was few days ago when eventbrite got BB off the system and cancelled all business contacts with them..after that we have Titanic almost gone…meeting in Dublin under heavy problems…folks !!!…try…but I doubt it has any sence…to take out what you can

    • Christophe says:

      “Take out what you can”…
      Are you paid by Google to scare people away from BB?

    • Roisin says:

      Hi ivan and all, Just heard about this but was thinking of investing small amount as friends have made a lot of money. However they did join 10 months ago. It is all over the radio here in ireland. Of course it’s some form of pyramid scheme but will it collapse before I get return? It has lasted a long time in other countries.

    • Lawrence says:

      Oh God, Oh God Ivan, what a miserable moron you are. I don’t even feel like doing this , why confront a barking dog, but here goes for the readers.

      Your quote:
      As you can see the BB circus is collapsing -members reporting to wait for money more then 50 days ,many waiting already 60 days and nothing.The point is,many of them already reported BB as not paying program to the canadian and UK authorities and this is the crucial moment for every ponzi – however the investigation will never begin as BB will vanish much much sooner – The first sign of the end was few days ago when eventbrite got BB off the system and cancelled all business contacts with them..after that we have Titanic almost gone…meeting in Dublin under heavy problems…folks !!!…try…but I doubt it has any sence…to take out what you can

      End of your quote…

      So BB is reported to Canadian and UK authorities (which by the way only you know of) and BB as you say above will vanish much before.

      It is 28th Dec today… If you have any dignity, at all just fuck off from the face of the earth and take Frank with you.

  62. Peter says:

    Hey guys. I’m writing to you from Poland.
    Here, in my country people still believe that BB is a real, big, groving business. I just wanted to ask you if in other countries withdrawal process taking as long as in mine :/ I’m wating 25 days to get my money to STP. Of course, I didn’t get my card, because they are approving my address from almost TWO MONTHS. What do you think guys? Is this the end of this business or we still can earn some money? Greetings from Europe :)

    • Lawrence says:

      you can never get a clear picture hear, with Frank having his own agenda pushing HYIPs (that are established scams). So do your due diligence. These guys, though to pose to be, are not the experts. Frank certainly is not because he just wants traffic for his blog, even unscrupulously.

  63. Christophe says:

    Hello Peter,
    Yes, I made 2 withdrawls through STP and it did take between 3 to 4 weeks to show up on my bank account and per the several withsrals done amongst my friends who have an account that’s the time it takes but it does finally show up. By the way, BB mentions that time frame.

  64. Luther says:

    Christophe, you are either a moron or an accomplice in this crime. If Banners Brokers was a genuine business they would not for a minute allow the many sites carry such allegations about them without a challenge. In fact even the threat of legal action would force most of the website owners to drop the topic like a hot potato, but of course if you”re running a criminal enterprise the last thing you want to get involved with is the law. My research only needed to be simple because this is such a transparent scam that only the likes of you would attempt to defend it., and to be honest I’m quite pleased that my comments so obviously upset you. Have a nice day.

    • Lawrence says:

      “Christophe, you are either a moron or an accomplice in this crime. If Banners Brokers was a genuine business they would not for a minute allow the many sites carry such allegations about them without a challenge”

      You are the moron!

      Why would BB stoop down to confront to these sites and give them the publicity the don’t deserve???

  65. Bernie says:

    thats your goal Mr Christopher and other BB addicts .. to make people believe how wonderfulll BB is and that they will make tons of money and thats its a legit businnes … i got sucked into BB in august/2012 and even if my e-walet shows magic numbers haven’t been able to get one penny out of it … have my prepaid card and everything but there is alway’s something wrong don’t even get any proper answer exept it can take up to 14 working day’s to proceed your paiment .. so yes nice numbers showing up on your account but i believe thats the only place i will ever c the money … so Chris and others BB goeroes stop trying to pull more peeps into it …. oh stupid me you need them to get your carrousell going to make you money … oeps forgot that … and the ones that loose everything you don’t give a shit about it ;-)

  66. David says:

    Lend me your ears. Joined BB in September 2011 with a red package that cost me $1,225. I have since drawn out in cash, and spent most of it, over $50,000 in cash. I have 22 direct referals. I stopped adding more referrals month ago and I give my new clients to others under me as I need no more. Im making about $10,000 a month now I reckon. The rest is detail. So stop talking about it, and just do it. Will be the wisest “risk” you ever took.

    • Frank says:

      Did you make money with Zeek Rewards too David ? My point is not to deny such program can earn you money, yes they can. My point is to underline the fact you’re participating in a fake business. As long as everyone understand that ( at least my readers and new visitors ) , I’m alright with it. I care to uncover these schemes. And like I said it my introduction, it’s not because my blog state publicly that Banners Broker has everything of a ponzi , HYIP scheme that people will put less money into it. HYIPs investing can be seen as a controlled gamble. And right now, BannersBroker is seen as the best gamble you can make by a lot of veteran HYIP investor who answer a bold yes to this question : Do you consider BannersBroker is a ponzi scam ?

      Did you read my December 5th article on a HYIP horror story ?

      • Lawrence says:

        It’s amazing, Frank, your total and absolute lack of integrity, ethics that you are OK with HYIPs that are SURE to burst and talk passionately against BB that you think “will” burst in the future. It’s really amazing. I think you should borrow some dignity from prostitutes. And while you are at it, borrow some extra to share it with that guy Ivan who also seems to be talking through his arse.
        C’mon Frank, leave BB alone. You think you are doing a service. But you are not. Trust me. You are losing credibility and your reputation because of your personal thing you have with BB.

      • Lawrence says:

        So Frank, you are ok with the fact that he is making money, but you are not ok with the fact that he is making money in a fake business. What?? are you also visiting whore joints and telling them whores that they are making money in immoral business?

  67. emma says:

    If BB is a ponzi scam ..Then why is google not or any of the other affliated programs that you can make money on…..

    • Frank says:

      Seriously ? You’re comparing Banners Broker with Google ? If you like, it’s simple :

      You see who advertises,you can know who pays for their google adwords and you actually see the ads evvvvvverytime you use Google. Banners Broker is nowhere and you can see that nobody uses it. Banners broker could earn a revenue if they would put google adsense on their website actually, since BB have a lot of visitors everyday.

      • Rob says:

        Come on Frank, if you know nothing about the Blind Advertising Brokers Network that BB uses for their core business you shouldn’t be editing this blog!

    • Lawrence says:

      Yes Frank is right on this one. Perhaps you should ask Frank how he can help you make money with Google adsense, which we all believe is absolute legit and above board. Let Frank help you on this and when he does, stop doing BB and listen to Frank.

  68. David A. says:

    Have a 35.00 withdrawal request in over a month. Never been filled. David

  69. Luther says:

    Ste Riley, interesting info about new office. If its only 15 minutes from you you must know the exact address. Care to share that information?

  70. Paul Davis says:

    I see the BB discontent is growing by the week.

    I was commisioned to look at BB from a business model standpoint over a year ago. I came away with several concerns that are playing out now. Being a ponzi was not one of them. BB does have a product. Web traffic (banners). The problem is and always has been inventory. Lack of inventory. Also payout speed and communication. Some very large BB players have been concerned for a long time.

    In early 2012 a group that asked for my help decided to work on a similar concept but a much sounder business model based on the findings. From that time on a new company based on web traffic has been in development. It’s ready to go live in about 2 weeks.

    I’m at the top of the heap with this entity. I’m posting here to let you all know what’s coming. I’ve read your concerns and they’ve all been addressed in this new model (company). I benefit from those who sign up under me. All members in this new company will need a sponsor like myself.
    Those that sign up and are active benefit me with sales credits. More on the concept will be posted soon.

    Sign up is free. No risk. Sign up under me and you’ll be with a guy who simply dials the phone and gets any answer needed by me or my sign ups. I’ll post the company bURL and my ref # (needed to sign up) in a couple of weeks. The new site and company should be up and opperational around Jan. 10. I’m in the process of setting up a weekly con call where all can ask whatever questions they have and get real answers. I’m not a BB member but will have several on line who are and can compare apples to apples. In addition there will also be technical people We’ve use to set up the site backend. That which controls your bank, payout requests, sales credits etc.

    I’ll check this blog periodically to answer any questions I can answer prior to the live launch.

  71. Luther says:

    Paul, you lost credibility somewhat when you stated that you weren’t concerned that BB isn’t a ponzi, and what you are proposing is a new and improved BB with some of the people involved with BB mark 1. I think you’re flogging a dead horse.

  72. Paul Davis says:


    I don’t believe BB is a ponzi Luther. I do believe they have a flawed business model and are competing againt their members. However I know that their base concept is very smart.

    Yes I am proposing a new better model that will enable member to make money as well as Bank On Traffic (the new company). I’m not flogging any horse. I’m asking you to take a look as a BB poster and see for yourself. I look at every BB member as a potential BOT member. Explain further how my credibilty suffered? I’m not here trying to con anyone. So good for BB. I don’t think they are a ponzi but do think they are flawed from a business standpoint. So do they now or they wouldn’t be doing what they are presently doing.

    Those that made a lot of money and invested a lot are “eyes wide open” with us. I think you’ll see soon that they have good reason.

    Got questions Luther? Ask them. You’ll get honest answers from me. That’s the credibility I’m interested in establishing here.

  73. Lawrence says:

    The following is Frank’s response to a comment from one MK.

    “Do you seriously think I wrote that article on bannersbroker to please HYIP admins ? Come on MK.I have nothing to gain here talking about BannersBroker, you’re right. I chose this topic simply because I’m getting tons of e-mails from my readers asking for my position with this program. Well, of course discussing popular topics helps building relations between members of our community and that’s probably where we all gain the most. No? It’s a win-win situation. And by the way, why would I publish an article on a program or subject nobody cares about ? Here, you’ll meet investors just like you. That’s the best about The Private HYIP Blog in my opinion.

    My goal is not to fight or be provocative. It’s to share my experience and what I’ve learned online since 2005. You do what you want with it.

    Like I said, Banners Broker will continue to run. Just like that, are you in profit with them MK ?”

    Readers, let me dissect this message and prove once and for all what an unscrupulous crook Frank is:

    He says,
    “Well, of course discussing popular topics helps building relations between members of our community and that’s probably where we all gain the most. No?

    So, it’s all about the popularity of the topic. Undoubtedly, BB is a hot topic to take advantage of, to get traffic to his blog. Frank is admitting that.

    Further he goes on to say,
    “Here, you’ll meet investors just like you. That’s the best about The Private HYIP Blog in my opinion.”

    which means the target audience. So you see guys, it is not about BB being a scam or not. It’s all about getting traffic to his blog with a hot topic.

    Anyway no one has seen any substance in his arguments against BB.

  74. Toko says:

    I am a member of BB and I already recouped my initial investment in there. I am not closing my eyes to the fact that BB is just another HYIP thing and can go bankrupt anytime.

    I am happy though that it continues to make me some money because it is still alive. This is much better than other short-lived HYIPs…

  75. Luke Baldwin says:

    I have been reading through your site and am interested in signing up to Banners Broker.

    Can you please elaborate on “traffic”. I need a real example of when you purchase traffic how in real terms this is done? Does this mean an email is sent out with a link to click through? So you get a boost in traffic as a result of an email database campaign? What actually happens? Where does the traffic come from? You cant just pay $10 for traffic , something has to be done to generate that traffic.

    I can understand how the system works in terms of managing your banners broker dashboard but what i need to understand is how the traffic is generated? My guess is somehow tons of people land on a page where your banner is. But what caused them to land on this page?

    I hope this makes sense to you and hope you can answer it.


  76. mimi lagoki says:

    bannersbroker don’t pay do not put
    your money there .i ve requested money since 2 mouth i never
    receive it yet .

  77. Paul Strachan says:

    My name is Paul Strachan and I’m a banners broker leader

    I’ve been reading all the posts in this section and many others which are scattered around the internet as I’m fully aware of all the negative reviews and allegations of it being a ponzi scheme. I think it’s only right to speak back and stick up for my business.

    Firstly, not ONE single sceptic out of the countless thousands of comments has provided absolutely rock SOLID proof that BB is a ponzi scheme. EVEY negative review I see out there, is ALWAYS from people who are not even involved in the business and the things they have stated about it are completely inaccurate, false and untrue, plus they have absolutely no real knowledge on how the system works. In fact, most of the ”complainers” are making bold but down right inaccurate and plain laughable claims. These bloggers are simply attempting to dive traffic to their blog, opportunities or products and they don’t care which company they insult/ falsely accuse in the process. Maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow but BB’s legal team will crack down on them eventually and I can feel law suits coming real soon.

    I cash out $1000 weekly from Banners Broker and I get paid on time and EVERY time. Please do not try to insult me with the ”your a lucky one who got in early” because I’ve only been involved with them for 9 months. Also, in the start, there were MANY people who said to me it was a ponzi scheme and a scam EVEN when I first joined. And I GUARANTEE there will STILL be people sitting here making up false information with ZERO solid proof and ZERO true background knowledge on the company. This ponzi scheme claim is nothing but an opinion, period!

    It’s true that BB members have been misrepresenting the company lately by putting up inaccurate or unacceptable advertisements or content which can result in a ban until the content is removed or re-written. This is what results in the confusion of the business model which then results in others JUMPING to the conclusion that it’s a ponzi scheme.

    When there is sooo much inaccurate information out there and crazy claims everywhere, I don’t actually blame people for thinking it’s a ponzi scheme, admittedly, I did too in the very beginning as it takes a while to truly understand how the whole business model.

    However, I’ve been involved with BB for a while now and in the beginning I built a website around the business. After months of hard work, the site was becoming a VERY large website which obtained super high rankings and dominated the relevant keywords from within google. At my peek I was brining in 100+ signups per month. Unfortunately this was way back in the beginner months so my content was classed as ”inaccurate” and I was locked out my account and BB recommended that I change the content. However, considering the site had literally hundreds of pages, the only option I was left with was to take down the entire website. It was getting 1500 hits on a good day and around 100 new sign ups a month.

    My point being….BB knew my chosen option was to take down the website rather than re-write the content and they actually stood back and let me take down an entire website. Corporate have also been cracking down on MANY other bb members for publishing inaccurate, false or misleading information even if its a youtube video.

    Do you actually know the definition of ponzi scheme?

    The main point is……If BB was such a big fat ponzi scheme there is NO way in HELL they would have let me take down an established website that brought in 100 signups per month! In-case you haven’t noticed, ponzi schemes NEED all the members they can get in order to survive. To top it off, ponzi schemes barely last the first few months never mind 2 and a half years. BB could literally shut their doors right NOW and the company would still continue and grow, I know it for a FACT!

    This is just ONE case of many! BB affiliates all over the world have been forced to take down websites for promoting inaccurate and wrongly described information. Is this the work of the ponzi scheme? I don’t think so and if you do believe this then that’s just flat out ludicrous!

    A ponzi scheme FEEDS off new members and cannot survive without them, why in the hell would BB start taking down everyone’s websites that are brining in a constant flow of mass signups. It really wouldn’t matter to BB if I was brining in 1000 new members a month, they STILL would have let me take down the site. They are more concerned about members mis-descibing the business model than how many members they can get.

    BB are an awesome company! The sceptics and negatives are understandable but some of them plain out make me feel sick. For example, you have guys ”blogging” negative BB reviews with ZERO, I repeat ZERO rock solid proof. In fact, most of the time these bloggers just flat out slag the company and never actually prove why its a ponzi scheme. They will seriously DRAG anything through the gutter in an attempt to get more traffic and exposure to their own blog and or different business opportunity. It’s sickening and shocking to know that so many people are missing out on this opportunity because of all the negative reviews.

    However, it is also partly the bb members faults for advertising it as a ponzi scheme or investment opportunity or get rich quick scheme which is EXACTLY why BB started cracking down on them. Its also why there is such less competition on google, that’s probably why all these ”bloggers” choose to slate banners broker in particular, its all attempts to get traffic!!!

    I have no more to say on the matter because I’m a born and die BB member! I’ve seen EVERYTHING I need to see to be 100% confident in this business as a long term thing.

    You guys are entitled to your own opinion but I know EXACTLY how this business works, ask yourself ONE question – How do banners broker actually make the money?

    If you don’t know the answer (which I bet you don’t, not the correct one anyway)……I now know why you think it’s a ponzi scheme ;)

    I don’t even know why I bothered using up my valuable time to write this but I have to attempt to pull out what’s left of the achievers and go getters from the bucket of negative, drag you down sceptics who I promise, will NEVER get ANYWHERE in life!

    You can all say what you like about the business, slag and slate it as much as you want! Because I KNOW that I’ll be sipping up champaign at the BB world tour in Manchester on the 22nd while your all still here making void claims and unrealistic proofs that are down right laughable.



  78. Dave Grant says:

    Hi all
    Banners broker
    In short changed my life FACT.
    I have two examples for you to read mine and my inviters.
    Two very different accounts.
    We start with my inviter.
    Has only 5 people below him,1 being his wife.
    Started in April 2012 with 2,500 for his account and 2,500 for his wife after cashing in an isa.
    to date has drawn,Yes In his hand in cash pound notes nearly 40,000,not a bad return really on a 5,000 input and now making around 400 dollars a day,everyday.FACT.
    Now to me,I started 5 days after him with 500 pounds,difference is i have 21 people below me, i have recieved this very morning on my banners broker prepaid card 2,000 dollars and that brings it to date 11,000 dollars.not a bad result from 500 quid.FACT
    My account generates around 2,500 dollars a month every month. FACT.
    So if you wish be sceptic,i can assure you im glad that im not.
    Banners Broker have been through some big challenges but really are becoming a streamlined smooth operating successful business.
    Hope this helps everyone.
    Dave Grant

  79. anon says:

    They must be desprate, wasting there valuble time writing all that crap to draw in more suckers, get a job and stop screwing the feeble minded out of there pennys

  80. Piter says:

    Yes mr Paul.You are absolutely right.This stupid hyip monitors want only get attentions and hyip blog admins are stupid loosers,very poor thinking.Just no comment to this.

  81. Fidelitas says:

    Anybody considering doing business with Banners Broker and is trying to decide rather they are a legitimate money making opportunity / investment or if they are a ponzi scheme should simply approach doing business with them in the following respect:

    Is there any fact whatsoever that would support that Banners Broker is a legitimate company earning hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue? if that doesn’t answer your question, simply ask yourself if someone offered to sell you a million dollar home for $500.00 dollars but refused to show you the house, would you give them $500.00 dollars in blind faith? The answer to that question if the actual business model of Banners Broker. Yes, against a persons better judgement they will in some instances invest money in something they know deep down is probably a scam, hoping that that it pays out.

    When all is said and done, very few people will be shocked when Banners Broker comes at an end leaving many people out the money they put in and still wondering where the million dollar house was located.

    Bill Lucas

  82. Terry Stern says:

    Yes there is a fact, it’s called being a reseller for ad networks that allows for the packaging of those traffic and ad space into smaller units for resale.

    Don’t confuse BBI with being an advertising company because they aren’t. They don’t solicit advertising, and they don’t provide advertising services.

    The mistake you’re making is in thinking that the ad space BBI purchases is for BBI to advertise on, when it’s the ad networks that are providing the ads for those spaces, and the publishing sites they are presented on. What the ad networks have done is use a reseller distribution model to assist in serving the remnant inventory that they’re carrying, in order to complete the existing contracts they currently hold. Why would they do that? Ask them, because it’s their program. The affiliate model BBI uses has been submitted to them for approval already, and no you can’t know what it is, but it allows BBI to generate revenue off of those ad spaces over a differential period rather than a set period through their own distribution network.

    I’m not sure what relevence your description of houses has, but it’s inaccurate in describing the BBI affiliate program or how the company operates.

    The program is legal and compliant in every way. It’s an easy target to shoot accusations at, but a hard one to hit with any accuracy that way. There is no fraud to be found here.

  83. Kevin says:

    The writer is asshole looking for opportunity to get traffic

  84. danny says:

    Bullshit Are you even in banersbroker? If your not join up and see for your self. You only put shit like this to get higher in search engines do somethin productive with your life instead of slatting a honest genuine company.

  85. Dominican-00 says:


    All investments has risks…

    I have joined BB 4 month ago (I invest US$500.00 (I got my investment Back)). But I want to know, if BB could collapse in the future? How we can get the truth?


  86. Russ says:

    Apologies if this has been asked (or even explained) before, but placing aside for one moment about ponzi etc, why would BB in a legit business “rent advertising space it owns” to agents in the first place? Surely it would make more profit by taking all directly from advertisers?
    What is the official BB explanation for renting to agents?

    • Phil says:

      Russ , my understanding is that we are re-renting the Banner space , not the advertisement that is on it.

      I have been with BB since November and very happy with the way things are going .

  87. Vadim says:

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  88. Private34 says:

    You guys are being paid by earning incentive traffic by writing these comments and texts how banners broker is legit.

  89. tessa says:

    I don’t care if this is a scam, ive had cash in hand and tripled my investment so far and have been in it six months… I agree you have to be careful but on the other hand you have to be careful with everything these days… ive been told on numerous occations by people that its got to be a scam and that they would not do it… but who is the one laughing when you’ve invested 300 euros and now have 1500 in hand, and for what sitting on your arse and watching a computer screen … after my initial investment ive not put any more money for my pocket into it so ive not lost anythink and never will, If banners broker ends now It would bother me becuase thats no more exrta cash to play with!! But i cant complain with what i have got out of it.

  90. Ivan says:

    Now it’s clear..even high inteligent persons like Lawrence are gone along with the scam…or he still hopes to win Mercedes.Funy how scammers lose balls when lies lose any sense

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