Frank’s HYIP success story

Here I discuss the reason why I decided to  launch my and my personal story as a new HYIP investor back in 2005.

Why I launched this blog?

Answer :

  • I launched The Private HYIP Blog not to tell you how to manage your own HYIP business but to make you think  and  generate  reflections by taking an inside look at mine.

Especially, I will  justify my  strategic moves for every single HYIP I select on my investment list or if you ask for it. Some might think I launched the present blog to make money with it, WRONG! Ok, I admit that since my work has become pretty popular ( February 2012 update ), I’m making around 2000$/month in average. Still, from March 2010 to the end of 2011, my blog was only generating about 100$/per month. Very low money if you consider the +100 hours I spend monthly to write articles and answer my mails! Honestly, and believe it or not, there are still people who just enjoy sharing their thoughts and who I love helping people out in this world. I’m one of these folks, are you?

You see, I want this blog to differentiate from the impersonal approach on other HYIP websites. Here, I’m up close and personal with your HYIP issues if you ever request my opinion or advice via the official contact form.

The Private HYIP Blog can be viewed as an underground HYIP investment resource.  In fact because you read these lines, you can count yourself among the lucky guys who found this agreeable blog. Where else can you monitor the actions of a real private HYIP investor with 4 years in the industry ? Do you understand how fundamentally different is in comparison to every HYIP monitors or blogs available in the network ?

  • Yes, these guys don’t ultimately choose where they invest but invest in the HYIPs that pays them to get monitored and reviewed.

Please note I find this kind of HYIP monitoring service is essential and healthy to our business. We’ll always need an easy way to easily find HYIPs.  I simply wanted to stress this major difference in attitude one should adopt when  reading The Private HYIP blog compared to 95% of other HYIP platform, blogs or monitors.

I cheers to that!

My Story :

Well well well…Who is this ”Frank”, pretending to make money from  home since 2006?  He must be a scam! No one can make money through HYIP investment scams, except the scammers themselves… Right? Yes, my name is Frank Perret  and yes, I’m presently making money investing in online HYIPs, and doing it  consistently since almost 4 years now.

Let’s  travel back to fall 2005:  I was looking for a job. After a couple searches and candidature submissions I thought to myself:  ”Can we work online from home? It must be possible since it takes humans to control all internet”.  That’s what really started it all.  I went on Google and typed: ” work online jobs”; I got my answer…

First, I realised that what was offered to me was not actual ”jobs” like I was used to in ”normal life”. On the world wide web, it was  most of the time ” work-at-home kits” I had to buy in order to begin my self-employed saga. I tried quite a few but I guess I never involved enough in any of them to see the promised results. I went from paid-surveys, affiliate marketing, Google AdWords, selling on Ebay, HYIPs, Melaleuca agent ,buying an affiliate website and even casino roulette ”gambling strategies”. Some of them worked  but they were time-consuming for the gained benefits . It goes without saying that I found an offline job in the process . Also, the young prospect who I was soon got disinterested of the online business world.

We then go on to 2006: I’m in front of a computer and simply wonder:   ”what’s new online now”? I search a while and find this interesting Real-Estate investment opportunity called FantasticPay and this other one called GHPi . The whole concept in FantasticPay was really standing out of the crowd. Anyway the company grown rapidly in popularity on the network . Now having a look-back at it, it shared more similarities with  Bernard Madoff ‘ s type of scheme. Believe it or not , it’s been more than 3 years and I could still access  my account a couple weeks ago, representatives are still answering tickets and the official forum ( )  is still open and still counts original members posting with the  hope to receive their funds back. Bottom line: I lost $600.  This experience brought me something priceless : precious contacts and knowledge . Among which , never put all my eggs in the same basket!

In parallel to the FantasticPay period, I was test-driving my hyip investment strategies. I set me up with a portfolio with imaginary investments in chosen HYIPs. Exactly like a beginning stock trader would do . Still today, I think this is the best way to get the pulse of the industry as a new or unsuccessful HYIP investor. To tell you the truth, I still do it  because it really helps me make wise investment decisions.  Note that I still haven’t displayed these non-active HYIPs of mine on my  private monitoring list .

It’s a good idea to have two HYIP investment lists: one active and one inactive. Because it allows personal referencing for future investments . It’s like a training that helps the investor to adopt the best behaviors  when looking at a HYIP. In addition it let me  realise that not enough or too many active investments both increase the risks of loosing money.

The other company,,  was really a good paying, long-term HYIP. So good actually that I managed to increase my capital from $4000 to $11 000 plus all the direct profits.

We then ride to may 2007:  Living the High-Life! I’m accepted in University in Mechanical Engineering studies; it’s really awesome! It’s been 8 months that GHPi is paying me. Through the months I decided to invest in some other HYIP ventures; diversifying my wallet. In April, I thought it was time to get my marbles out of GHPi . I learned from a colleague shortly afterward that they were scamming everyone in May. ”What a good move I made” I said to myself!   I delayed my University admission for one year to travel down to New-Zealand and Australia. I didn’t want to do any sort of business while I was away. That means not only my HYIP business  stopped growing, but my capital was shrinking down; it went to  $3000. It was all right, as I was spending it to enjoy life on the other side of the planet! I truly had the time of my life there. Still, on my HYIP business point of vu ( only on that matter I must stress) it was a mistake.

When I came back in 2008,  it took me some time but I eventually started a new active HYIP investment portfolio with $1000. I again managed to get my initial $1000 back and started to bank the real profits. In 2009, my most important HYIPs performer occurred to be TheStoicCapital and SafeAtom. This time, I wouldn’t toss my lucrative online HYIPs activities in the corner.

During March 2010, I snapped a ligament in my knee during a football game. The idea of launching my own blog about my way to make money online came naturally, as I had to stay home for some time. The surgical  operation I received obliged. I’m now very excited about The Private HYIP Blog. I’m working hard to make it a reliable and interesting source of information and discussion for the HYIP investors around the world.  I’m curious about how a blog or website is managed ?  Most importantly, how other HYIP players are doing in the industry?  What can we learn from each other to become wealthier?

2013, present time ,  how even more awesome will our community  become ! With the chat and the new forum, we’re now set for targetting the best programs to risk our money and avoid the crap. So much bad programs out there, and it’s not always easy to stay on the $$$. If I had to give a special award, it would be to Uinvest. Do you know a more stable and profitable investment program? I don’t. That’s why I keep several thousands of dollars working for me with them.  You see , I don’t like to be so positive about such an income opportunity because newbies ( maybe you are  ?) could think it’s fool-proof, guaranteed money. In short, there’s always a risk to lose. Still, Uinvest is the only program that made it through the years with The Private HYIP Blog. I’m glad I joined.

I want this blog to become an online  platform where private HYIP investors just like you and me can discuss and share their experiences and concerns on their online HYIPs business.

Thank you for your support!

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